A Trip of Contrasts

This post is going to be a quick post with pictures and a few comments.

This week, I have the joy of being on a trip to the East Coast that encompasses food, family, and fun.  It is also full of contrasts.

I started out my trip with five days of family and friends with a full schedule of …


travel to Mohegan Bluffs (and other areas) on Block Island…


to restaurants such as George’s in Rhode Island…


and the urban residential area of Cambridge, MA.

I will finish my trip in with a few days of solitude without interruptions or temptations of cell phone, internet, television…or people.

Pictures to come.

See you after my break!

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4 responses to “A Trip of Contrasts

  1. Have not been to RI since I gave up trucking thanks for sharing your trip[ I am only in NH so I really have no excuse to take a ride


  2. I love Block Island and the Mohegan Bluffs, spent 4 days there with a friend last summer and wish I could go back. I see I’m not the only one to take pictures of food.


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