Indecency=Security and Confirmation?

IMG-20120108-00092Blogger’s note: My daughter wrote what will be shared below in English class before Christmas break.  She also doodled the sketch to the left during that class.  The girl is a great student, and the English teacher is a great teacher.  On that particular day, however, the girl had some time on her hands and had some thoughts that needed to be written.  The thoughts are written from the perspective of a teenager about teenagers.  Once I read them, I knew that I would share them.  Enjoy and then interact!


When you find yourself outraged by things your society accepts, you don’t know what to think or who to trust. In indecency we find security and confirmation. There is a desire, a need, for the adoration of the people around us. We use this to make up for what we see to be our faults and of what we lack.

For men and boys, it is as simple as the word and looks. We feel as though we must be accepted by what we say and, if that means we swear up a storm or every once and a while, we do it. We talk and look about girls and women in an inappropriate way. For in this we are looked at as strong and bold. We fit the normalcy of our society’s view upon our gender.

The hurt and pain we cause the females around us is nothing compared to the praise given by our fellow men. We can completely destroy a girl and her reputation through our words and looks, but it does not matter as long as we are “in” with the guys. We have security and confirmation. We have made up for our faults. Our appearance does not matter if all this is met.

For women and girls, it is harder to describe, harder to explain. To you, the reader, well – you may disagree. We do not ask that you concede, but please consider what we say. As women, we feel our faults are many and, of course, society doesn’t help us any. We see in magazines and on TV the way we are supposed to be. So we wear tight clothes that are low cut on top and high cut down low. We plaster our faces to be fake and try to lose weight faster than you know. Other believe we must be so confident and strong, but they don’t know the pain and hurt we feel.

To make up for our lack of confidence, we do things stated above. We want your [boy’s] stares and desires because we believe that having you, however much it costs, is worth more than anything in the world. We care more about what males think, no matter how mean, nice, sexual or not, than any female. Our best girl friend will tell us one think, but we will always turn to you for the answer.

The pain and the hurt that we all as humans feel is deep, and we each find ways to make up for our insecurities and find confirmation. But let us not conform to the evil ways of the world. Keep you mind pure, and your thoughts clean. We as men and women can help each other out. We must do it the right way, not society’s way.

Please – we beg of you. Please – believe us. Please…


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3 responses to “Indecency=Security and Confirmation?

  1. Amy

    You are wise beyond your years and courageous to boot!


  2. Myra Watts

    Go Beth! (The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Your kids are amazing!)


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