Sioux, Yeah Yeah…


You know what to say now, right?  If you don’t, do a Google search of the title and do some reading (even better – just go to a game at “The Ralph” sometime).  The cheer is unique to the University of North Dakota and is much more fun than “Let’s Go, Sioux!” because it cannot be replicated or taken over.  I don’t think “gopher Yeah Yeah” sounds cool at all.  Especially not when you consider that they would have to answer “Yeah gopher gopher.”  *vomit*  Reading some other blogs about the cheer I found that people have used this in the crowds at Final Five games and other areas around the country as a way to identify other fans.  How cool is that?


Alone at center ice is the true logo of the *team formerly known as*  Sioux – the center of all discussion right now.  When the team took the ice last night to the sound of “Here come your University of North Dakota…”, the crowd took over and finished where the announcer left off – “FIGHTING SIOUX!”

And the crowd goes wild! All night long – wild!!!!


The rivalry between the Sioux and the Gophers is old…as much a part of UND hockey as the Sioux name itself. Part of who we are is gopher “haters.”  Let’s be honest – we can’t be gopher “dislikers.”  It’s haters.  I have been asked what it is like to live in gopher country, and my response is usually, “I don’t live in gopher country.  There are as many Sioux fans in Minneapolis as there are gopher fans.”

It’s warmer in Minneapolis…


A lone gopher fan in our section – yep, he got razzed quite a bit.

We had a great night!  We had great seats – any seat in the Ralph would be great, especially for a Sioux-gopher game.

We won!

And – I got a tour of the sound, video, and more areas – three levels of fun. I got to learn about how the fireworks go off when the Sioux score.  Wow!  And…all of this because of someone text-bombing my phone (you know who you are) and trash talking my Sioux.

That makes no sense, right?  Ok – so a friend was texting trash, and I had to return in kind. My phone was low on battery when we got to the game, but it was ready to die at the end of the second period.  My dad knows the video guy and thought he might have a cell phone charger, so we went for a visit during the intermission.  While my phone charged, I got a tour.  I was GIDDY!  I love feeling like a VIP, and I most certainly felt like a VIP for those 10 minutes.

We returned to our seats and enjoyed the BEST period of hockey I have experienced at the Ralph in a long time.  Sa-weetness!  Take that, gophers.  By the way, the girl was disturbed by the fan ritual of throwing dead gophers onto the ice.  I am so used to it that it never even occurred to me that she might find it traumatic.  I learned that last night.

Ramble over….over and out – the game tonight should ROCK! I just need to figure out where to watch the game if it is not on non-cable channels because we got rid of cable.  Fighting Sioux hockey is the only thing worth watching on cable in my opinion (the huz enjoys the food channel as well), but the cost of cable was no longer worth it.

Note: yes, I am ridiculously and irrationally passionate about Fighting Sioux hockey. It is in my blood.  There is definitely a huge amount of nurture and conditioning when it comes to this area of my life.  Stepping back, I know that this does not square with who I am in most parts of my life.  I will not excuse it, nor will I justify it.  If you grew up with the pins of Archibald (who still holds the record for the number of minutes in the penalty box) and Jenson on your pillow every night when you went to sleep, you would feel the same way.  Just ask my junior high bff; she knows what I’m talking about.

Sioux, Yeah Yeah!!!

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