To Be Like Tony

Tonight is one of my favorite nights of the year because of our church’s approach to Halloween.  I have not always been a fan of Halloween; however, this changed when we moved to North Minneapolis, and Kerry became the pastor at Faith Baptist Church. They did this odd event on Halloween called “Trunk or Treat,” and I am a fan of keeping the event going year after year.  The idea is that a bunch of people from the church decorate their trunks in the church parking lot and hand out candy to kids in the neighborhood.  Each year, we have 400-500 kids come through the parking lot along with their adults who then head into the church garage to enjoy our coffee and cookies.  The event shows the neighborhood that we care, gives families a great “one stop” shop, and allows us to share the ministries that we have with families through some information available in the garage.

A few weeks ago, my son invited me to a Facebook event for youth group members titled, “Trunk or Treat – Tony Mueller Edition.”  He informed me that I did not have to participate.  He had invited me so that I could share with another youth group mom so that she could make sure her kids knew about the event.  This afternoon, Josiah and the youth/music minister at our church worked hard on pulling together the final details of an awesome youth group trunk.

They succeeded.

The “Tony” trunk was a hit at the event for those who know Tony and for those who saw Tony himself.  All of the youth group kids at the trunk, along with a couple of youth sponsors, dressed like Tony and had beards like Tony.  One of the youth sponsors assisted in getting the beards thanks to some Vaseline and coffee grounds.  It resembled a flash mob of just Tonys.  The rest of the trunk was decorated in pictures of Tony as well as Tony-isms (boo-ya, Yaht-zee!, and awwwkward….) By the way – the real Tony is the one in dead center.  He is the original and the only Tony.

Imitation can be a good thing.  The original Tony is a great person.  He stands for what he believes in, he serves others, he works hard, and he is genuinely kind.  Honestly, I am pretty satisfied with my son wanting to be like Tony.  If Josiah would have all of these qualities as a young man out in the real world, I would be pretty proud as a mom.  When we imitate someone worth imitating, it can be a worthwhile endeavor.  As a parent, I am blessed to have great role models for my children such as Tony as well as the other youth group leaders at our church.

Special thanks tonight to Tony, Mark, Jeanette, Steve, and Tara.  You all rock!


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    the intranets can now shut down!


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