To Ancient Times and Distant Music

My son loves a game called Quelf.  It is a crazy game that has no true strategic advantage for those who are brainiacs, great at drawing, or anything.  While it has those aspects to it, the game also has these weird things thrown in called Roolz which, according to the instructions, are “‘rules’ that you must follow as long as the card is in play, or else pay that card’s penalty.   The effect of that card doesn’t just last for your turn – it may last for the remainder of the game!”  As I was noodling around with how to write this post, one of the Roolz from Quelf came to mind. One of the Rooz that I have drawn in the past required me to say “to ancient times and distant music” every time I took a drink of something.  Then every had to clink glasses with me.  If I forgot and someone called me out, I had to move back a space.

This is the last actual post that I will write on this site, and it feels like I should say a toast of some kind to this blog and to those who have come along side me as readers.

Today is a great day. I am launching a new blog site here on This is a big day for me because I have toiled through some technical difficulties in order to get the new site ( up and running.  The site maintains the name because I feel it really describes the why behind my blogging.  The racing mind is what brought me to blogging, and though I now love the blogging “art” itself, the continued practice of it has helped slow the racing mind, bring clarity to my thoughts, and engaged me in ways with others that I probably could not do in person as well.  I am a thinker; my thoughts are not clear in the moment always.  Writing seems to help that.

Nearly a year ago, a dear friend on Facebook started writing a blog each day as part of the WordPress movement to encourage more writing. I watched as my friend grew as a writer and decided on August 1, 2011, to join her. I made a Fresh Start, and it felt good. My children had spent the summer working at Village Creek Bible Camp in Lansing, Iowa, and I had started to sense that it was time to start thinking past their high school graduation. My huz had asked me over the summer, “What will we do to fill our time when the kids graduate and are gone?” I want to write. And the best way to write “someday” is to start writing today. I chose WordPress because it had the Blog a Day graphic. I merged my Blogger site with my WordPress site because I like to preserve history.

Today I experience a fresh start again. A friend who has followed this blog saw an advertisement in the Fargo Forum for bloggers who write about topics that women find interesting. I figured that a good majority of people who follow my old blog were women, so I emailed the person whose email was provided and inquired. That person suggested that I start blogging through their site –  It widens the readership a bit, and I thought it would be a great opportunity.

I am humbled that you have chosen to read what I write. I am thrilled when my ramblings can help someone else see things anew or feel like they are not alone in the world with their thoughts.  I hope that you will continue to read as I make the move over to the new site.  My plan is to post the link from that site on this site for a while.  I am trying to figure out how (if) to allow for email subscriptions as I know some readers have signed up for that.  Here is the link to today’s post:

Thanks for reading!

To Ancient Times and Distant Music!

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