Drug Testing to Get a Job?

A few weeks back, this sign caught my eye.  I took the picture knowing that at some point I would want to use the picture in my blog

Thoughts?  Please share!

Please note: I have intentionally not stated my thoughts as I would really like to hear from readers today!


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9 responses to “Drug Testing to Get a Job?

  1. Deb Hegdahl

    I do not use drugs and feel that companies should drug test. Many occupations are hazardous and I would not want to have my life depend on a drugged up co-worker! So if you have nothing to hide why object?


  2. Brenda G.

    I am in favor of Cub Foods drug testing policy. Many people who use illegal drugs have addictions. Drug addicted people sometimes steal, and often are not dependable, both of these behaviors cost companies and raise prices. Shocking and rude as it may seem to some that Cub has posted such a sign, I apprecieate that they have done so. It’s their store and their policy, if offended shop elseware or write the company. Would it be terrible if all employers did this? Maybe, and it’s a big maybe, some people would not be as enabled and get help they need sooner?


  3. Becky Hackenmueller

    I agree with the sign. People who use are a huge safety hazzard and most likely cannot function properly no matter what their job is. Mortenson requires drug testing for ALL employees – field and office. They also do random testing. The employee’s supervisor gets an e-mail in the morning and the supervisor sends the employee to the testing site that same day. I’m sure it doesn’t cut down all all drug abuse, though, since some people are probably willing to take the risk that their random day may not be within whatever time period it takes for the drugs to get out of their system.


  4. Dave

    I don’t see why my activities outside of work are any business of employer UNLESS they directly impact my work product. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, driving a fork lift in the stock room at Cub is a good one. But running a cash register up front is not. I guess what I truly don’t understand is why people are so ok with giving companies the right to impede on our privacy.


    • Common Sense

      I agree wholeheartedly. As someone who is 17 and has been unable to be employed because of my marijuana use I can relate to this first hand. They don’t test for alcohol use and being drunk on the job would be far more hazardous than being high. Companies who do this cause recreational users to become dealers like I have. Absolutely not my first choice at all, but because of being told I am unfit for legitimate employment, they have sent me a clear message as to how I should earn money.


  5. opinionated

    Let’s just say I find nothing wrong with a responsible adult who smokes a little weed on occasion. Not that I have a very nice stash in the closet awaiting me right now, but I see less ill effects from it than alcohol which is openly legal and flaunted by most adults. Still I fully endorse drug testing for anyone receiving financial welfare of any kind. If they have money to blow on drugs, alcohol and cigarettes they do not need my tax dollars. And no illegals should be entitled to a red cent, ever, under any conditions. If they want to live here they can apply and do it the legal way. This is still the land of golden opportunity and anyone willing to work for a living can find work when they need to. If not the fulfilling and rewarding job they dreamed of something to hold them over while they work out their future. Hey, if you work for a living and not mooch off the system you should be able to a little R&R when you want so long as it’s not abused. And of the substances people choose to use pot is one of the least harmful of any. Alcohol would be one of the worst ranking very near many hard core drugs. One of the only noble things Jimmy Carter ever did when he was president was to propose the “abolition of all punishment pertaining to any person within their possession any less than one ounce of marijuana.” It’s still the number one California cash crop, and is a blessed relief for many cancer victims as well. As a matter of fact the pharmaceutical legally dispensed marijuana is of extreme high quality and no one who ever partook of its bounty would ever drink a martini again. Yes when you grow up and pay $40k in taxes per year I think it is fine to have a little hooch on occasion. But if you’re living on welfare and being supported by taxpayers you can’t afford to be buying it with your own money and should be actively checked for where you are blowing our money. I guess I don’t think cigarette smokers should receive welfare either.


  6. Steve H.

    One thing that hasn’t been mentioned… the sign says illegal drugs. That word means it is against the law. We live in a Republic and if you don’t like the law, work to change it. But does an employer have a right to ask their employees to be law abiding? Absolutely, I believe Cub has every right to state this and enforce it.


  7. Krista Insley

    I think Cub foods has every right to test its employees. I think any employer should be able to do so. If you can’t be sober during work than it is a problem. If you go to work and you have weed in your system then you have a problem. To me it is just in appropriate to do any kind of illegal drugs and go to work wether you did a little or a lot. Illegal drugs just are worth playing with. Even with weed you think you have it handled and the next minute you are in your old age still getting high. Illegal drugs don’t just effect you they effect your coworkers, family and friends.


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