Where do I begin?

Today is a great day.  I am launching a new blog site here on areavoices.com.  This is a big day for me because I have toiled through some technical difficulties in order to get this site up and running. I have been blogging since June 2008 when I started with a Blogger post; click here to read my introductory post.  I had no idea what I was doing, did not use tags or categories, and mostly did it for my own well-being.

Nearly a year ago, a dear friend on Facebook started writing a blog each day as part of the WordPress movement to encourage more writing.  I watched as my friend grew as a writer and decided on August 1, 2011, to join her.  I made a Fresh Start, and it felt good.  My children had spent the summer working at Village Creek Bible Camp in Lansing, Iowa, and I had started to sense that it was time to start thinking past their high school graduation.  My huz had asked me over the summer, “What will we do to fill our time when the kids graduate and are gone?”  I want to write.  And the best way to write “someday” is to start writing today.  I chose WordPress because it had the Blog a Day graphic.  I merged my Blogger site with my WordPress site because I like to preserve history.

Today I experience a fresh start again.  A friend who follows my WordPress blog (which, by the way, has the same title as this one – I like the title too much to lose it!) had seen an advertisement in the Fargo Forum for bloggers who write about topics that women find interesting.  I figured that a good majority of people who follow my old blog were women, so I emailed the person whose email was provided and inquired.  That person suggested that I start blogging here.

So here I am! 

I have provided a link in the sidebar back to my original WordPress site in case other people are like me and like to read old blog posts from people that I stumble upon in my blog reading life.  I am not a blogger who can be put into a specific category every day.  I write about whatever is on my mind when I sit down to the computer.  I see things as I am driving, as I am thinking, as I interact with others, and as I read the news or articles online.  I try to stay on top of current events, movie releases, and great music.  I stop in the middle of rush hour traffice to take a picture of a billboard that has started me thinking about a great blog post.  I love to interact with the world around me and provide my own perspective on it.

Sometimes I write blog posts about the crazy (sometimes horrible) thoughts that swirl around my mind.  Sometimes I refer to my former blogs because I change my mind from time to time about what I wrote before.  Rather than deleting prior posts, I just refer to them and write about how I have changed my mind or have thought more about the topic.

I am humbled that other people choose to read what I write.  I am thrilled when my ramblings can help someone else see things anew or feel like they are not alone in the world with their thoughts.  I enjoy comments; I have yet to delete any comments … maybe I need to write more controversial posts.  More than anything, though, I am excited to launch this new site with areavoices.com!

Thanks for reading!

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