Being Real

I’m mulling over a previous post…my own post…on FreedomWorks.

Wouldn’t it be easier for our “crimes” to be public knowledge like those going through FreedomWorks?

Here is my thinking: These men have been convicted of crimes, and those crimes are public record. When someone enters into relationship with any of them (there is a mentoring piece to the program), there is not anything like “what will he think of me?” going on like we have inside our heads when we meet new people who know nothing about us.

I am not saying that I want all of my sins on record for all to read…because I am not required to do so, I would prefer that they remain private and in my control of with whom I share them. However, I do wonder if we would pretty much get over ourselves if they were public record.

Could you imagine how much nicer that would be? My crimes listed for you to read would definitely be something worth reading!

Stacy the Angry
Stacy the Stubborn
Stacy the Resentful
Stacy the Gossip
Stacy the Liar (just little “white” ones so that people’s feelings aren’t hurt, right??)

The list could easily go on – and that would just be today! 🙂 I know…I’m kidding a bit, but I”m not!

Prior to deciding if you want to truly befriend me or not, I could just hand over my wrap-sheet (not sure if that is the correct spelling of that term – don’t think I’ve ever used it before!). You then could look it over and decide if I were friend-worthy. We could even do it over the internet so that I wouldn’t have to see your rejection! You could consider if you want to be my friend, and you wouldn’t have to wait to see if I were a good or bad person because you would know that my list of crimes existed, what they were, and so on.

The truth is that Christ came to conquer our crimes. While they might be part of our history, that is what they are – history. Conquered history. The sad part is that we often live our lives as if we are still bound to that history – to those crimes. Christ came to set us (sinners) free from the chains of our crimes. We keep ourselves in jail when He has already paid the price to open those doors.

The main character of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s book, The Scarlet Letter, is required to wear a scarlet letter “A” as punishment for being an adultress. She will not name the father of the child. (Spoiler warning in case you haven’t read the book!) The person with whom she had an affair is the town’s pastor, and she will not name him as the baby’s father. Hester lives out her life with the “A” on her chest. Dimmesdale, the pastor, punishes himself daily for his crime. He is ruined because of having to keep a secret.

There is something to confessed sin that frees us. Agreeing with God about our sin is healing for our soul. Confessing to another person also brings healing. When we hide from God and others, we will be ruined.

I am not advocating for constant self-revealing. However, I do think we need to be a little more real with one another. For one thing, it would be nice for us to have each other on equal ground. Unless I share my struggles, my sins, with others, how will they know that I struggle? And how then will they know that struggle is part of our Christian life? And how will they be encouraged to accept their struggles and persevere through them? If I put on some facade that illustrates a false Christianity, I am doomed myself. More than that, though, I rob others of the truth that struggle is what we do and that our struggles are redeemed by the blood of Christ.


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2 responses to “Being Real

  1. 1st John talks about this: in his introduction to the letter he says he writes the following things so that our joy might be full. The first thing he discusses is that God is light, and in order to walk with God, we have to walk in the light as well. It’s all about confessing our sins and putting them in the light, so that we can be free of them. “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1st John 1:8-9.He goes on to talk about a bunch of other things, but I thought it interesting that the first thing he talked about was walking in the light. Straight and to the point.


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