Sitting in the Back Pew

As the pastor’s wife, I usually sit in the front row of the church during the service. Our row is full of our family and extended (not biological) family. It’s hard to explain, but they are our family. Enough said there.

Anyway – back to my point. Today I felt rotten and slept through Sunday school (literally – at home in my own bed), and I actually arrived at church after the service started. Because I didn’t feel well, I decided to stay in the back of the church rather that sit in my usualy row. I did this so that I could leave if necessary without drawing too much attention to myself. I discovered some things while sitting in the back pew.

1. My husband’s preaching is great no matter where I sit.
2. There are some people in the back few rows who sit there to make a quick, unnoticed entrances and exits.
3. The music is slightly muffled in the back pew because the balcony juts out over the top of the back rows. This is not a good thing.
4. It is hard not to notice what other people are doing when I sit that far back. This is something that I knew intutively, but now I know it for real.
5. I like the front of the church better than the back – I felt like I wasnt really there.

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