Music Monday: “Home” by Phillip Phillips

There are songs that can completely change the direction of my day when they come on the radio. Let’s face it, today Midwesterners need something to change the direction of our day.  I have already spent four hours on Minneapolis highways and bi-ways this morning because of a massive snow storm. For those of you who have snow days, it must be that Irish luck leftover from yesterday.

So – how can we change the direction of our day with just a song?

Take a listen to Home by Phillip Phillips. I have already heard this song four times today as I have driven around and around the metro….

I do not own the rights to this song. I have put it here from the YouTube link.

How could that song not change your day?

Being alone – in the sense of feeling like everyone has abandoned you – is one of the worst feelings we can experience as humans.  We were created by a communal being (God – the three in one), and we were created to be communal.

Know you’re not alone…

When we feel alone, it is so overwhelming. And it can happen in a large crowd as often as it can when we are sitting by ourselves.

But know you’re not alone…

I think those might be the best lyrics ever written (not by Phillips) and sung (yes…by Phillips). And then the ah..ah..ah…ah…that is just so fun!  It makes me want to stand up (even when driving) and do a little jig of happiness.

I could write more, but why?  I think we can resonate with it without much more explanation.  Just listen to the song again!

And – know you’re not alone…

Happy Monday!

What songs have a tendency to change your day?  Please share with us (in the comment section of the blog) so that we can all take a listen!

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