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Resolutions and Great Truths

As I listened to the pastor huz preach it yesterday morning, I was so grateful for what God does through him each week.  Although nearly 200 other people worship with me on a regular basis at Faith Baptist in North Minneapolis, I am quite certain that God gives my husband words to speak to me.  Everyone else is just eavesdropping.

My man is a “big idea preacher” – a method which involves the pastor developing a single idea to which the rest of the sermon drives.  This method resonates with who I am as a learner.  I do want to walk out of church each week with a list of 3-5 concepts that I need to apply to my life.  I love having one central idea from which God can lead me in one direction and the person behind me in another direction.  The truth is universal, but the application is personal.

Yesterday’s big idea: 2013 Resolution – Recognize that I will be weak, but He [God] will be strong.

As the man wrapped up his sermon, a song came to mind called Clinging to the Cross by Tim Hughes.

The lyrics (found on YouTube at the same link as the song) are as follows:

My soul is weak
My heart is numb
I cannot see
But still my hope is found in You
I’ll hold on tightly
You will never let me go
For Jesus, You will never fail
Jesus, You will never fail

Simply to the cross I cling
Letting go of all earthly things
Clinging to the cross
Mercy’s found a way for me
Hope is here as I am free
Jesus, You are all I need
Clinging to the cross

Even darkness is as light to You, my Lord
So light the way and lead me home
To that place where every tear is wiped away
For Jesus, You will never fail
Jesus, You will never fail
(repeat the chorus)

When I see myself trying and failing over and over again at the things that I resolve to do, I get frustrated.  The sermon – and this song – are a great reminder that, though I am weak, Jesus will never fail. His grace is sufficient.  I can do all things (even forgiving people I have no intention of ever forgiving) through Christ who strengthens me.  And when I realize this, Christ is glorified when He is seen as the One who conquers my sin, my failures, and my misguided attempts at being able to do what only He can do through me.

It’s a lot for a Monday, but maybe it’s what we need on a Monday. 

On a Monday, I am going to fail.  But Jesus never will.

At the end of today, I would love for readers to return here and share how Jesus showed up for them today.  It would be a great source of encouragement for me!


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The First 20 Minutes are the Hardest

IMG-20120116-00116On Sunday night, the fam headed to our local Snap Fitness.  Yes – it is part of a resolution for some of us, but others were there for the cable television. When we got rid of our cable in August, I do not think that we realized it would propel us to the gym to catch some of our favorite shows…but whatever gets you to the gym, right? After reading my “true fitness” friends’ posts on Facebook about the resolutioners crowding the gyms, I had decided to take the first few weeks off from the gym.  Haha!  Ok – let’s be honest, I had taken four months off from the gym. Rather than moving when my back hurt, I moved less.  Not a good idea.

Needless to say, the return to the gym is a good idea. I have things I want to accomplish this year. I want to do some 5k walks, and I even want to try a 2k run. I would like to drop a few pounds and tone up some not-so-toned parts of my body, I want to have some good cardio health, and I want to do all that I can to ensure that I am mobile well into my 80s like my grandmothers. I know as well as anyone that these things do not happen overnight.

I just did not expect it to hurt so much to start again.

This past summer, I had put in some good time getting myself whipped into shape physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Oddly (at least to me), exercise played a big role in all three of these areas. The physical side is pretty obvious, but the emotional and spiritual sides of me also do better when I move. Walking (I’m not to the running part yet) is a bilateral movement (using right and left sides) and allows my brain to think more openly. There is actually a psychological therapy that uses this with eye movement. I have found that walking does similar things. My mind makes connections and re-wires when I am walking. I find that I think much more clearly when I am walking, and I should have a recording device along with me as I create new systems for work, consider new ways of seeing a problem at home, and just feel better.  Spiritually, I find that God shows me things when I am walking – even if it is on a treadmill.

On Monday morning, when I headed to the gym, God showed me something about perseverance.  On Sunday evening, I had put in nearly an hour on the treadmill. It was grueling for the first twenty minutes. I was angry and upset that I had waited so long. I had a laundry list of reasons why I hated being at the gym…many of these had to do with how I saw my body and how I assumed that everyone else there saw me too.  In my clear thinking, I know that most people do not really care about how I look – they probably do not even think about me at all.  After I got past the first twenty minutes, I did not even think about any of this either…but I did not realize it.

Monday morning, though, it was so clear to me that the first twenty minutes were the key to my success.  I just had to get through the first twenty minutes…after that, I could have gone for an hour or two hours – if I would not have promised to do some fun things with the girl all day.  Seriously, it was amazing! At ten minutes, I just wanted to get off of the treadmill and leave the gym.  I was angry and upset (again) and came up with a huge laundry list of reasons why this exercise thing was not going to work.  At the 19:02 mark, though, something switched, and I found that I was unhappy that the work out was going to end in the near future.

I am going to apply this twenty minute theory to a few other things in my life and see if makes a difference.  If I get past the twenty minute mark of a craving (when I am not truly hungry), can I go until I am truly hungry?  If I can get past the twenty minute mark on a project, will I suddenly be free to finish the project even if it takes hours?  If I get past the twenty minute mark of cleaning the house, will I want to finish and clean the whole thing?

I will report back in a week or two and let you all know what I find.  What do you think about this theory? Is there some research to support it?

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I’m Back!!!

Hello!!!  I decided that getting rid of this blog completely was a bad idea. There are many in the WordPress world that had found much to enjoy here, so I’m back.

How?  Let me tell you – I’m posting to multiple sites!!!  It’s the same material, but it is on different spots.  I found that Window Live Writer allows to blog and then post to different sites.  It requires all of 3 extra clicks, and the platform is wonderful – allows for various fonts and sizes as well as picture resizing with ease.

I’m happy!!!  Watch for the daily blog to continue!

Thanks for reading,

Stacy – thegirlwiththeracingmind

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