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Video Blog and a Giveaway!

Coloring books are not just for kids anymore! Psychologists are suggesting that coloring can be as relaxing as other forms of meditation.  For Christmas this year, coloring books were a theme at our house.  The girl and I each received an awesome coloring book calendar from my huz.

Watch my video (I can’t believe I made a video!) below to hear about my recent experience with a coloring book.

As promised in the video, here are some more details about the giveaway and the coloring book:

Suggestions for coloring:

  • You could use crayons…
  • Most popular with my Facebook friends: colored pencils (variation is watercolor pencils with an actual brush that blends the color – super awesome looking)
  • My favorite: brush pen markers
    • Sargent are the least expensive
    • Koi Sakura are amazing (thank you, @cherrysparrow, for getting me hooked)
    • Stampin’ Up, Tombow, and Prismacolor come in dual tips but are super, super spendy

I love this trend, and I would love for it to stick around.

Happy February 1!

ps: Share the love today and spread this post – the more people who know about the giveaway, the better!



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