Where Are You All From?

Dear blog reader,

imageI have been noticing that people who read my blog are from all over the world, and I am grateful. Thank you!

I may know you. Our paths may be in sync or have been at a time or season. We may have spent hours together, and you read my blog to find out what I wouldn’t say to you over coffee. Please, do not be offended. I love you and appreciate your support of my writing.

I may not know you. I mean that I really have no ideas who you are, how you found my blog, and why you like my writing. I love you, and I appreciate your support of my writing.

I for sure know you! We have been friends forever – at least since Sunday when we tasted the same cookie after church. I love you, and I appreciate that you support my writing.

As as I look at the stats that tell me how many friends read the blog, how many strangers read the blog, and how many people from other countries read the blog, I realize that there is a whole lot of reading my my words happening!

So to everyone: thank you! Your support is amazing. I would love to learn more about you in the comments. Where are you from? How did you find this blog? How often do you come back? Do you have a favorite post?

These are the things I need to know as I scrape around in my brain to find the right something to share with you all.

It’s not just for you. Some of it is for me. My hope is that we all leave the screen mote ready to live as God prepared is to do and to show love.

Friends: introduce yourself in the comments and tell us where you are from!

Happy Wednesday!



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6 responses to “Where Are You All From?

  1. I miss you Stacy Bender! I read most posts, eventually. I subscribe, which I love, so it comes to my inbox. I read for the things you would have told me or randomly brought up when we talked and brainstormed in your office. You’re thoughtful, integretful (sorry, had to make it up keep things in agreement and because I didn’t want to have to search for a more appropriate word), and challenging. I love it.


  2. Shan Reed

    I love reading your blog, too. I have not been writing much this fall so I have missed some blog posts of yours, I think. I hope I can change that!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  3. Mary M.

    A friend on FB shared your post Just Bring A Pizza, and I really enjoyed it. I am from Michigan.


  4. Jeanie M

    Hi! I love your blog! I’m from Central California! And your blog is my favorite blog of all I’ve ever read. I’ve been bipolar for 42 years. I’m in my 60’s and I used to have three bipolar siblings (now one has gone to be with Jesus). I used to be so ashamed of the bipolar label. Now, I see it is The Lord’s gift to me—-I have become a compassionate person.

    Big, Big, blessings to you!

    Jeanie e


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