You Are a Masterpiece

I have a good friend who is not only a Bloggity-Mc-Bloggerson (click here to go to her blog and be blessed) but also is a published author (click here to get a free Kindle version). Her book helped me through the difficult set of transitions I experienced this fall, and I wrote a blog post in August that served as a  book review while also pouring out my heart to the blog world about the transitions.

Living in a new place can be terrifying and lonely at times.

We have moved plenty of times throughout our marriage, so one would think that I would be used to transitions.  The problem with this particular move was that I had been in one place for so long that I thought God was done having me be on the move.

A word to the wise: don’t think that!

I had settled in, made connections, lived life, and thought, “This is it! I’ll be here forever.”  Not a month after I had that thought and really felt it in ernest, my huz was approached to consider a unique opportunity that turned out to be a call on our lives.

The phone rang, and we answered.

The experience has been exciting and new and fun and wonderful…and hard and difficult and terrifying…and great and different and fulfilling.

Where I find myself struggling is finding “that crew” of people who can do super fun things with me because I want to do something super fun and because I want to plan something super fun for a bunch of super fun…but I am not really sure where all of the super fun people are to be found.

I know where some of them are…and for them, I am really grateful!

I hatched a plan to put some super fun people together in the same doing something fun – Bismarck’s version of “Canvas and Wine.” I am sure you have seen friends posting pictures of their replicas of some cool painting that they did with a bunch of other people.  This looked fun to me, and now I am going to do it too.

I even made a cool poster thing for the Facebook invite.

starry night

I chose Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh for the event.

This painting draws me into it and almost begs me to become a part of it.  The more I have looked at it in the past few weeks, the more I have wanted it to be hanging on my wall.  I am trusting that the artists at the Theo Art School can walk me through it one brush stroke at a time.

Starry Night is considered a masterpiece, and I doubt many would argue that.  In looking at other works by Van Gogh, we can see his talent as an artist. He was creative,  had a vision to communicate through his art, and carefully crafted the masterpiece.

And the painting – or thinking about the painter really – reminds me of an important truth about myself and my Creator.

Ephesians 2:10 (NLT) – For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.

God – our Creator is creative, has a message to communicate through His creation, and has carefully crafted each of us as a signature piece – a masterpiece.

On Thursday, my post shared some of my overcoming of insecurities about my body shape, type, and size.  While I would like to say that all of that overcoming work is done, the truth is that those very same insecurities – as well as insecurities about my inside world – crop up often.

This happens most often when I forget that I am God’s signature piece.

This happens most often when I forget that I a new creation through Christ Jesus.

This happens most often when I forget that I am God’s masterpiece with a purpose to “do good things He planned for [me] long ago.”

My insecurities about my inside world inform my insecurities about my exterior world and paralyze me…keep me from doing what God intends for me to do – bring glory and honor to Him through serving others and worshiping Him.

However, when I remember who created me and that He created me with a purpose, my insecurities need to go by the wayside.  If I am focusing on doing the good things He planned for me, I have no time to give to insecurities.  And when they creep in themselves (as they so often do, right?), my focus can scare them away.

So – to all you masterpieces who have allowed yourselves to be hidden in the basement of a museum somewhere (like I often find myself doing), it is time to dust ourselves off and to start allowing others to see the brilliance of our Creator through us.

**artwork attribution is Vincent Van Gogh – there are loads of images of his works around the internet!

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  1. Good word! I love super fun people too. Love this piece starry night. Fell in love with Van Gogh Museum in Ams!


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