Serendipity, Changing Jobs, and Being Nice

I am a huge fan of serendipity.

According to, serendipity is “the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.”

The chain of serendipity as related to the Be Nice Box went like this:

  • Liv Lane posted on Facebook about the February Be Nice Box having her product in it.
  • I followed the link from Liv Lane’s post to the Be Nice Box’s website.
  • I followed the link from the Be Nice Box’s website to Diana’s blog about her year of being nice.
  • The blog’s title is “A Year of Minnesota Nice”…and the title made me think of Cherry Sparrow’s print using the outline of Minnesota as a backdrop to the words “a whole lotta nice.”
  • A few emails later, Diana of the Be Nice Box and Lori of Cherry Sparrow were introduced.
  • I ordered a few months of the Be Nice Box.

And I was happy…benefit had occurred…and I thought it was all about them.

But really, it was all about me as I discovered when my March Be Nice Box arrived – especially because serendipity had struck again! The print from Cherry Sparrow was the exact one that I had hoped would be in my box!


Last Wednesday, I embarked on a new adventure – I joined the Minnesota Department of Education as a charter center specialist.  Today will be day 8! 

I start new jobs like some people buy new cars.  About every two to five years, I get restless where I am and find myself spending most of my free time applying for something new.  This time was different; I was not really looking, but I found this position and decided to take the leap.  So far; so good.

The timing of the Be Nice Box and its March theme of being nice to strangers has been perfect! The department of education employs loads of people, and the past week and a half has been a time to greet former acquaintances (I tend to be well-connected) as well as to meet many new people.  The guidance of the Be Nice Box has allowed me to move beyond my comfort zone and think outside the box a bit.

The box has given me a push so that I find myself greeting people, thanking them for their help and guidance, and just smiling more.

The box comes with guidance and tasks for many of the days as well as some items to help me be nice.  Yesterday’s task was super fun: give a coupon that I did not plan to use to a stranger.


I had been to Target last week, and the register printed out a coupon for savings on a fountain drink.  I prefer my soda directly from a 12 oz can, so I had no intention of using the coupon.  The task gave me a creative use for my coupon!  I wrote a little note and left it for someone in a cube down the row from me.  I hope to meet the person soon!

While it is only March 7 – there are 24 days of being nice left – I can already sense that my attitude is different because of my focus on being nice.  This thinking goes hand in hand with my theology, and I hope to expand on that more sometime.

For now, though, Happy Friday to us all!

PS: for those of have read this blog before, I am hoping to be back; however, I can’t make any promises. The muse is here today, and I can’t guarantee that she will stay.


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2 responses to “Serendipity, Changing Jobs, and Being Nice

  1. Yay!! So glad you’re back. I’ll read you faithfully as long as the muse is around.


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