Do We Have DeathDays?

Today marks the tenth anniversary of my mom’s death.  She breathed her last breath before noon on a Friday morning – a day when I was supposed to go to a wedding, a day that was weeks before the doctor had predicted she would die, and a day on which payroll for the motel had to be done.  It is strange the things that we remember, isn’t it?

As I started to go on in writing this post, it sounded familiar in my head and to my fingers.  The opening paragraph and what would follow sounded like I had written it before.

So – I bipped on over to my WordPress dashboard and searched for all of the blogs written about June 13, my mom’s death-day (if we have a birthday, we must also have a death day…try that greeting out sometime, “Happy Deathday!”  Do you think they will write a song about it?  Sorry…getting morbid and dark…).

Back to my search: I found that I have written about my mom’s death a lot since I have had a blog.  And reading the posts allowed me to see my progression through grief.  Last year’s anniversary was the best and might be the last one I need to write…ok, probably not!

So – here are a few. Read them.  Comment on them. Share them.  My grief shared with others means that others feel comfort that they are not alone…and THAT is a huge thing in this thing called grief, for to be alone in our grief is what leads to despair and despair to all kinds of bad decisions.  But shared grief finds someone else sitting next to us – maybe not saying a word or maybe saying several words in a rambling blog post.

And that “sitting next to us” brings a bit of heaven to Earth.

Here are some of the posts – I am sure that there are more, but I got tired of looking:

PS: Yes – it still hurts. Some days more than others.  Some days less than others.  And most of the time, it just feels strange…and that is how I think it is supposed to feel. Death was never part of the plan, but sin ushered it in and “numbers our days.”  Someday there will be no more death, and that day will be glorious.


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4 responses to “Do We Have DeathDays?

  1. Erika

    I haven’t read all the past posts you indexed and I might not. Just felt that I should shout out to you, “hey, I get it! Still stings doesn’t it.”

    Still missing my Dad. Still remember the phone call. I still remember being numb for at least a year afterwards. Who I am has changed forever since that last moment he breathed. Still really hurts.

    Commiserating. Co-misery-ating.


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