Taking a Break – Moving for a Bit

I should have known that things would not stay silent for long in my heart.  I just did not know what would come out.  And then it happened.

A clear direction to change.

So – this blog will not be my main focus for a while.  Oh, I am sure that I will rant on a bit here and there when someone somewhere needs my voice of correction (hear the sarcasm…at least a hint of it).  But I am not going to stress and obsess about getting onto this site, updating, etc.

And the reason for that is that I will be blogging 6 days a week on a new site.  Find me at blogthroughbible.wordpress.com for the next 18-24 months.

My pastor huz is preaching his way through the Bible.  He is taking one book per week and marching through it.  I am so excited.  He is a great speaker, pastor, and husband.

I am so blessed.

Each Sunday, he provides us with notes as well as directives for the week between Sundays. For example, he will preach on Genesis on April 14, 2013, so this week (as I write) we are to read all 50 chapters of Genesis to prep us for his sermon.  He provided a daily Bible reading breakdown along with questions for consideration.  As I listened to Genesis on CD as I drove on Sunday afternoon, I thought it would be great to capture my thoughts in a blog.

So – I started a new blog site last night, put up some content, and have committed to blog through the Bible as he preaches through the Bible.

This could be one of my manic phases, it could be the nudging of God, or it could be a combination of the two.  Whatever the case, I feel that this is the challenge I need to get my devotional life back on track.  What excites me the most is that it will allow me to commit to this along with the entire congregation at Faith Baptist Church.

I have considered putting content on this blog from that one, but that just doesn’t seem to be the purpose.  If you want to read along, hop on over and follow that site.  If you don’t, feel free to check back here – you may find that I have ranted about something sometime.

God bless.

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