Music Monday: Easter, Opera, and Flash Mobs

Yesterday was Easter.

I could just stop writing there and let the thought of that sentence sink in.

Yesterday was not Easter in the secular sense with the bunny and the candy – it was also the day on which we celebrate the Resurrection, an event that – in my mind and in the minds of many – changed the course of human history.


I did not eat a single ounce of “Easter” candy, but it was not because I oppose it entirely.  I just had no need and no time when it was available.  Besides – it will go on clearance today.  The sad thing about my kids growing up is that they now know when days of the week are and discuss that with their friends.  When they were little, I could give them candy after it went on sale.  And I needed to when they were little because we were living on a single, very-small income while at least some of that income went to pay for the pastor huz to attend seminary.

I did enjoy the day, the church service (the music and the sermon were fantastic), and the company at the afternoon meal.

Once all of the hub-bub settled down, I took to the internet to search for a song to feature on the blog today.  I thought it could be fun to feature a grand rendition of one of my favorite Easter anthems.  I have several favorites, and most make it into the church service each year.

Crown Him With Many Crowns, He Arose, Christ the Lord is Risen Today, and others top my favorites list.  As I searched for them on YouTube, though, I also happened about a few “Easter FlashMobs” that were fantastic and fun.  I do suggest that readers spend a little time on YouTube today checking them out.

What I happened upon in the searching that must be shared is a recording of Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus (also in FlashMob form) from a performance coordinated and funded by the Opera Company of Philadelphia as part of a series bringing opera into the community rather than being “stuck” in concert halls.

Watch as this fabulous idea takes over a Macy’s store.

I do not own this video. I found it on YouTube and share it here for the fun of all.

As I watched, listened, and enjoyed this performance, I thought how much like Christ this idea is.  Jesus spent little time in the temple; He went out to where the people were.

Rather than wait for people to find Him, Jesus went to them.

I am willing to say that it could be a stretch to make this comparison; however, this is what struck me.

Jesus still meets us where we are today whether that is on the streets of Jerusalem or the check out line in Macy’s.  If our lives are out of sync with His will, He says to us, “come to me.”

The hope that Jesus brought to the world is bigger than the smiles that 650 choristers brought through their performance on October 30, 2010, in the Macy’s in Philadelphia. This hope – that we could be in relationship with God – changes everything about how I see today, tomorrow, and yesterday.

He arose! He arose! Hallelujah, Christ arose!

Happy Monday!

PS: I am not fooling around in this post – not one iota!

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