Maintaining Regrets

As children, we often found that our feelings about our days depended on the way that others treated us.  If people were kind to us, we had a good day.  If people were mean to us, we had a bad day.  As we grew older, we learned that our perspective was often a choice and depended more upon how we reacted to the actions of others than the actions themselves.

Why then, do we tend to have more bad days than good?

If we truly have choice in how we see our days, why do we choose to spend so much time in the bad day category?

By the way: If this is not you, I would love for you to comment and explain to us how it is that you maintain this positive outlook on life.

Choose. Choice.  Wow…words that sort of cut to my heart and say, “It’s in your hands, babe.” 

But in reality. it’s not all in my hands.  I’m in the hands of someone bigger than I because I believe in the all powerful wonderfully loving God who has already created the reality that “it is well with my soul.”

And that is exactly why I get to choose.  I can choose to look at today’s circumstances and think, “Man, this sucks.” Or I can choose to look at the truth that is already there.  Today tells me that I am defeated. Easter tells me that God defeated what appears to defeat me.

I realize that this is a bit circular.  And why am I even thinking about this?

On Saturday, the pastor huz and I spoke during break out sessions of the Youth Leaders Summit. (FYI: it’s coming back next year. Be there in person or pay to stream it live online if you live in faraway places.)  During the main sessions, the Overflow band from Hastings United Methodist Church led musical worship, and at least two of the sets included the song “How He Loves.”

How He Loves by the David Crowder Band. Found on

I think that sometimes we have trouble choosing to see our lives in the reality of who we are in light of what God has done for us is because we are spending our time “maintaining regrets.” 

What is in our past that we regret?

Our lists can probably go on and on and on and on and on…when we maintain them and allow them to have power over us, well…the keep us from seeing the truth that goes far beyond our own pasts.  Maintaining our regrets take time and energy away from remembering that we are loved by the one who created us.  And in that love, God sent His son to erase the debt of our regrets so that we could live without the bondage of those regrets.

What will I do today to put my regrets behind me and live in the light of the truth that God loves me and wants me to focus on how I can serve Him and others around me?

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