A Coat, Boots, and a Grown Up


Two years ago, I made the decision that it was time to grow up.  I had been living my life as a pretend grown up by doing all of the grown up things that other grown ups were doing:

I held a job.

I was married (not that this is a requirement).

I had children (again – not a requirement…seriously – I don’t think I was much of a grown up when my kids were born, and there are plenty of non-grown ups having children).

What I was missing was the true signs of being a grown up: sensible winter items.

Let’s be clear for a minute – I had what I needed if I wanted to spend time in the snow – those essentials for sledding and such.  But these were not the “daily use” smart clothes of a grown up.  In fact, they looked a lot like kid stuff – hats, gloves, ski coat, and snow pants. These were meant for snow fun but did not define me as a grown up because none of those items went with me on a regular basis as I drove the 40 miles to work in snowy winter Minnesota.

As if I need to illustrate further how un-grown-up I have acted, I will allude to a year-long sandal wearing contest that I had with another teacher back in 2004-2005.  That is another post, but the short version is that we went the whole school year…even through the snowy winter…wearing sandals from our car, into the school building, during carpool duty, and back out to our car.  He won because I changed schools at the end of the year, but neither of us backed down on the sandals.

Fast forward a few years to December 10, 2010…the night I became a grown-up.

The forecast was for a big winter storm, and I had decided that I needed better winter gear.  The huz and I headed to the Columbia outlet store and purchased a styling but sensible down coat complete with a hood and a pair of cute but extremely winter smart boots (I think they will keep my feet warm to –30 F).

The next day, as the entire family shoveled and then walked a few blocks to have a celebratory meal (one of many that winter), I felt so grown up.  I could have jumped on a sled and enjoyed that, or I could have been walking the downtown skyway system with other professionals.  My grown-up clothes were perfect for either occasion.

Today, as my hometown – Grand Forks, ND – has a snow day (some are celebrating; some are not), I will be heading to work in my grown up boots and coat.  We had snow but not enough to cancel much of anything except my trip “up north” and west (where their conditions were bad enough to cancel school) for a meeting.

When did you decide that you were a grown up?  Are you there yet?


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4 responses to “A Coat, Boots, and a Grown Up

  1. Haven’t made it yet! Cute post – and this coming from a Mainer where sensible winter clothes are definitely a necessity. Thanks for the good read


  2. I have had various ups and downs with being a grown up. But, last year when I sprained my ankle and then had to spend the summer wearing sensible shoes-not cute sandals-I felt a bit grown up! 🙂


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