A Season For Blogging Less

Each week when I go to church, I am greeted by a friend who calls me “the famous blogger.”  Part of that phrase is true – I do blog.  However, even that has been less true of late.  In fact, I am probably equally not a blogger as I am not famous.  This week I have been somewhat plagued by the question of why that is the case. 

Why am I not blogging?

To answer that question, I have a to explain some about who I am and how I tend to approach life in general.  Some would call it ADD (only by today’s standards, FYI, as I think there is far too much of that label going around); some would call it the bipolar tendencies (even that is questioned sometimes – even by me).  I call it Stacy.

My faith, my marriage, and my children are the few things to which I have remained committed for any length of time.

When we lived in Scotland from August 2001 to June 2002, I held five different positions.  Think about that for a minute.  We lived there for ten months, and I had five different positions.

Pause here.  Did you think about that?? 

To be fair to myself, I worked a few part-time gigs at a time. For example, a few shifts at Starbucks were combined with two nights a week at a bookstore (they had not combined the two “back then” and “over there”) as well as a stint as a note-taker in a university class three mornings a week.  When that semester was over, I did some time as an educator at the Edinburgh Zoo before I took a long-term sub teaching position at a secondary school.

All of the moves were strategic, of course.

To a certain extent, the current state in which I find myself could be seen as strategic as well.  I have a lot going on (wife, mom [they are teenagers!], pastor’s wife, dean of student [basically, I just go to court a lot], new business owner, etc.), and something has to give. 

Blogging is what has given this time around.

So – what’s the problem?

The problem is that I like blogging, and I have loads of ideas of things about which I would love to write on my blog.  The problem is that I like the feedback that I get from people who read my blogs. The problem is that I like sitting on my seat and writing to empty my brain more than I like being stretched and twisted into “relaxation” by the yoga instructor.

But it just has to give right now.

I want to write quality stuff, and I do not have the time or energy most of the time to write quality stuff.  I think it is best not to add to the congested mess in the blog-o-sphere of words piling up on words just for the sake of spilling more words when the same end could be met by different means (taking a walk, perhaps?).  I started blogging for myself – to spill my mind – and in doing so, somewhere along the way, I started caring more about writing what would get me more hits than what would help me to feel sane.

So – for now, anyway – the blog may be silent.

And on other days, it may be very noisy.  Who knows?

I certainly do not.


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4 responses to “A Season For Blogging Less

  1. funny… you’ve entered a season for blogging less, while I – after a long season of blogging silence – have begun a season of blogging much more again


  2. Penny Korkki

    Life is full of seasons – and many come around again. Do what is healthy for you.


  3. Carolyn Reeves

    I for one, enjoy your Blogs. I do not always read them but I do most of the time. I don’t reply that often but sometimes I will “like” them. Just wanted you to know…..


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