Improving Ourselves

This morning, my blogger friend Marilyn who blogs at shared a commercial which features her daughter-in-love.  She did this purely out of family pride and even went so far as to state that as a disclaimer.  I read her blog daily as it typically is a source of encouragement or of new thoughts to contemplate – and she is a good friend.

This commercial made me think, and I wanted to share my think.

Click here to watch the commercial on YouTube.

The commercial’s main idea is the Eclipse chewy mints can change who we are from our unattractive (let’s face it – somewhat repulsive) selves to much more attractive selves.

Well – that’s easy!  I love to chew some mints!

As I type this at 7 a.m. on Saturday morning, I sit in my pajamas with my hair unbrushed and my clothing unchanged.  I did brush my teeth as I am somewhat compulsive about needing fresh breath once I am out of bed for the day.  The point is that I am not at my best as I write this blog.  I need improvement before I step out of my house and let the world see me.

According to the commercial, I should just chew Eclipse chewy mints.

Oh – if it were that easy.  Isn’t this what commercials do as a whole?  They present to us the picture of perfection, the impression of improvement, and the challenge to change.  And they give us the answer in a product in the hopes that we would then jump off of the couch and run to the nearest store to purchase the item so that we can reach for their promised new and improved self.

But change is never that easy.

I cannot become a sparkling woman in white clothing – so attractive that a prince would pursue me – simply by chewing some mints.  I would likely need to lose a few pounds, have a hairdresser at the ready, and spend thousands on a new wardrobe.  And is that change truly necessary?  I am a functioning adult who draws a paycheck and makes a (albeit small) difference in the lives of others on a daily basis.

So – watch the commercial, but put on your thinking cap and remember that it is mostly just for fun.

And buy some Eclipse chewy mints, for – though it may not turn your man into a debonair who will take you away to exotic places – it will surely brighten up his breath after he eats Mexican or Italian food on your date tonight.

Happy Saturday to all!


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2 responses to “Improving Ourselves

  1. Love this! Love what you did with this thought! Let me know if Kerry becomes “iceman!”


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