Where Everybody Knows Us

From 1982 to 1993, a (TV show) bar called Cheers was home to characters such as Sam, Carla, Norm, Diane, Woody, Frasier, and Coach (there are more, but you get the idea).  When any of “the regulars” walked into the bar after a long day, the others would greet him or her and inquire about the day.  These people became our people, and many of us connected with them and felt that we belonged to them as well.

Where do you belong?

One of the main attractions of this TV show was the fact that the relationships of the people rarely bled into their “real” lives.  They knew each other as those who sat on the bar stool and only in the ways that they chose to share.  Whatever really happened during the day was left behind as they shared, felt heard, and were fed.  They did not go home and suffer; instead – they shared the day and, hopefully, moved on from the troubles.

We all need a place like this.

Last night, on day two of the first week of school, I was spent.  I had no desire to cook, stay at home, and do what needed to be done (laundry, paperwork – you get the idea [that must be my phrase today…]).  I wanted to be fed, and I wanted to go somewhere where those who served me knew me well enough to know when to ask questions and when to walk away.

The huz called ahead to see what the specials and crème brulee of the day were, and then we headed to our home away from home – our favorite Italian restaurant.


They had our table waiting for us – table 17.


And we shared the salmon with asparagus risotto.

I also had minestrone soup as my lunch had been late and light.  After our meal, we shared the white chocolate crème brulee (if food could be divine, the crème brulee might be exactly that…I am quite sure that Heaven will have an endless supply of the crème brulee from Nonna Rosa’s).  The heaviness of both of our days slipped away as we relaxed in our home away from home.

The characters are different than that of the TV show Cheers, but the idea is the same.  They greet us when we walk in the door, they know which table is our favorite, and they do not seem to care that we do not drink alcohol (supposedly their wine choices are really good – if you like wine).  We love Chuck, Tina, Chef Francesco, Ashley, Jennifer, and our new friend (server) Victor.  They know from our faces what kind of day it is in our lives, and they share parts of their own story with us.  They know what we like to eat, what we like to drink, and whether or not the crème brulee of the day will make us smile.

They take us as we are and feed us, and we love them for that.

If you are ever in the northern Minneapolis area, this restaurant is a must (I will gladly join you!).  From their coffee to their service, everything is worth whatever you spend.  They will make you feel welcome, will let you stay as long as you like or leave as quickly as you need, and will feed you well regardless of what you order.


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4 responses to “Where Everybody Knows Us

  1. Wendy Swerdlow Pederson

    I will be in town October 12-15 and it sounds like I NEED to check this place out!


  2. So if we are like cheers…waht character am I? Just kidding! Thanks so much for the sweet references, we adore you guys!!!


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