Going Postal for Pray! Shirts

As I shared in last Monday’s post, I opened a business two weeks ago called Encouragement Ink.  The purpose of the business is to provide shirts that say Pray! on them to anyone and everyone who wants them and to support a grass roots movement started at Village Creek Bible Camp to wear these Pray! shirts on Fridays.

prayshirtfridaylogoLast week, I went to the post office with my daughter (one of the employees) to put a box of Pray! shirts into the mail for a friend who works at a church.  When I handed my business credit card to the postal worker, he pointed to the logo (see the graphic to the right of this paragraph) and said, “That’s right. That’s what it is all about.”  I agreed with him, and our conversation ensued about the business and the fact that we were mailing Pray! shirts.

He wanted to buy two shirts!

The funny part of this story for me is that my son had given me a hard time when the credit card arrived.  He did not think that I had put the right logo on the credit card.  But I knew that the logo would be a conversation starter.  And I was right.  This man had proven it.  My daughter and I drove home, grabbed him two shirts, and returned before his shift was over.

On Saturday morning, I received an order via PayPal for a shirt that needed to be shipped to Wisconsin.  I wanted to get the shirt off right away that day because I know how I feel about things that I purchase online – I want them right away!  I quickly packaged the shirt and drove over to the post office. As I drove, I wondered if I would see the same worker.

I did.

I asked how his shirt fit, but he was not concerned with the fit.  He pulled out the business card and told me that he needed another shirt as he pointed to a color on the logo that I did not have stocked.  We went back and forth until we agreed upon a color that he wanted that I actually had stocked.  I drove home and brought him back another shirt before his shift ended.

When I fell into this Pray! shirt thing, I never imagined that it would reach a postal worker at my neighborhood post office.  I never imagined that we would do daily encouragement posts about prayer.  I never imagined that we would have people challenging each other via the Facebook page to pray – not as a chore – as a relational time with God.

In the United States, we talk about someone “going postal” over something meaning that they have lost their minds and do something crazy.  I feel as though I have gone postal, in a sense, about these Pray! shirts because this is crazy and because this seems to have a bit of a mind of its own.  It is more than I imagined it could be, and it seems to be something that is so needed in our country (our world) right now.

It is so simple. 


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