Music Monday: “Some Nights” by Fun.

Some songs get your attention at the start of the very first note in the song.

Some Nights by Fun. is one of the those songs.

Take a listen for yourself by clicking here (warning: there is an F-bomb dropped).

What caught my attention?  The usual – the music itself, the vocals, and the lyrics.

The Music

  • The drum parts in this song are incredible.  Although they have diverse rhythms, the underlying beat is that of a battle hymn drum corps.  Incredible.
  • The electric guitar is present but not overpowering.  In what is portrayed in the music video as a Civil War ensemble, the electric guitar would seem out of place.  Not so!
  • The piano mirrors the drums but is an instrument unto itself.
  • Overall – each instrument is heard, but they truly represent an enseble.

The Vocals

  • I am continually impressed with the lead singer of this group. What he can do vocally sounds like a synthesizer. (Is it actually a synthesizer?)
  • The opening bars of the song sound like an acapella choir.  The harmony is amazing.  I love the all male ensemble – so fitting for this song.

The Lyrics

What is a song without its message?  This song speaks to us all as we struggle with why we are here, why we fight for some things, who we are trying to please, and where the meaning in all of it is.  The music video’s setting is a Civil War re-enactment, and this leads me to think about all of the world conflict that is going on.  But this song is not only about literal conflicts; it is also about the conflicts within each of us as we strive for love, acceptance, and meaning.

Overall: great song with an awesome beat.  We each can find something in it that speaks to us.  However, it is not a song about answers.  It is a song that brings up more questions.  Perhaps this is just part of our current culture – that we just ask more questions because we still don’t know what we stand for?

I have posted about Fun. before. Click here to read that post.

My Final Thought

I may not know what I stand for, but I do know who stands for me.  As a rule, I do not try to put my faith out there too much on this blog, but this song pushes me to share a bit.  Many years ago, I was confronted with the reality that I, as is true of all humans, am sinful.  On the other hand, God is holy.  Because of my sin and because of God’s holiness, there was a chasm between us – no matter how hard I tried, I could not get to Him on my own.  Not only is God holy but He is also loving.  Because of this love, He sent Jesus to die on a cross for me…for you…for all of us.  In doing so, the cross created a bridge so that God and I (we all) could be in relationship with each other.

It is not that I stand for God; it is that He stood and stands for me.  When the rest of life seems uncertain and when we do not know what we stand for, we can know that God stood up for us by sending His son to die so that we would have everlasting life – together with God…not separated (note: Hell).

Without God standing for me, life would be meaningless.  I would live only for today, and I would lack assurance of redemption not only of my soul but also of my poor decisions.  I have no bad luck to cash in because God will bring it all together for His good intentions.

Unlike the song by Fun. – which ends in uncertainty and despair – we can all be certain and hopeful because of what God has done and because of what God will do.  Amen!

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