Getting Their Attention

We have all been there at one point or another.  You know what I am talking about, right?  You like that boy (or that girl), and you want to get her (or him) to notice you in the biggest way.  But you think that you are not right for him (or her) because something about you is just not right, and that is why she (or he) never even gives you the time of day.

What is a girl (or boy) to do?

Well, it is here that I want to turn our attention to Ms Gertrude McFuzz – a girl-bird in Seussical – the Musical – who has the biggest crush on Horton the Elephant.  When he does not notice her, Gertrude assumes it is because her tail feathers are not big enough, bright enough, long enough – or simply not “ee-noof” in any way.  In order to remedy the situation and try to get Horton’s attention, Gertrude takes the advice of Maizy (an irresponsible floozy), sees a doctor who prescribes a berry, and consumes not just one but many berries.

The result is (as seen below) a long, colorful tail.


The trouble is this: Horton does not give a hoot about Gertrude’s tail.  Every time she tries to draw his attention to her tail, he is preoccupied by being a great guy – saving the Whos and sitting on an egg in a nest for Maizy (the floozy turned bad mom – a story for another post!) while she seeks the party life.

This is an excellent lesson for all of us in relationships.

Isn’t this how it is with all of us in some form or another?  I know that it is true for teenage girls. They think that their hair is too short (or too long), that they are too fat (or too skinny, though it is not very typical in America for a girl to ever see herself as too skinny), or that they are not attractive enough in some form or another, – and the list literally goes on and on.

With plastic surgery, liposuction, and other surgeries out there, girls can get the body they think they want if they are willing to pay the price.  According to Lisa Bloom, “25 percent of young American women would rather win America’s Next Top Model than the Nobel Peace Prize.”  That is a lot in my opinion!

Back to Gertrude and Horton: The ah-mazing (the most used adjective in all of Seussical – the Musical) thing that I learned from the two of them was that looks really are not what catches a guy’s (ok – an elephant’s) attention.  Horton pretty much ignored Gertrude through all of her make-over phase.  It was not until she showed an interest in what he found to be the most important – saving the Whos from extinction – that he notices her at all.  By then, she had ripped out the tail that she had been so certain would catch his eye because it grounded her – and she needed to fly in order to help him save the Whos.

As I think about my own relationship with my husband, I am thankful for the times when he looks at me and says that I am attractive to him.  But – I also know that he is attracted to me for more than how I look.  In our pre-marriage counseling sessions back almost 18 years ago, he claimed that he liked my intelligence, my heart for God, and my passion for people.  That is what drew him to me as much as how I looked.

I also know that I become more attractive to him when I care about the things that he cares about.  When I enjoy trap-shooting at camp with him  or when I talk to him about the next grill we should buy, I become attractive to him because I care about the things he loves – just like Horton noticed Gertrude when she helped him save the Whos.

So – ladies (and gents): before you go off and alter yourself for that man (woman) that you think you love, consider figuring out what makes her (him) tick instead and then show some interest (true interest) in that first.  You might find that your interest turns his (her) head more quickly than whatever part of your body you planned to change.


Photo provided by Mary Carlson and Tom Larson.

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