So Glad That They Share

In a post last week, I detailed an experience that I had with signs that kept me out of a place that I thought I really wanted to see.

No trespassing.


These are signs to keep others out when we think we have something to protect.

What if we had something really great, and we chose to share it?  Not 200 feet from a sign that kept me out were two signs, though hidden initially from my view by foliage, that welcomed me in and took me somewhere that I longed to see and that I loved to experience.


The word “public” comes from the Latin word meaning of the people.  “Public” places do not exclude for any reason…they are open to all.


I could not have dreamed that anyone, given the choice, would choose to share what I saw on this public foot path!  I am not sure if I would have shared, but I am glad that they did.  When others share, we need to respect and care for what is theirs so that we honor them for sharing what they have no need to share.  This is pure kindness.


The view in the photo above is the house protected by the “private” sign from the previous post.  Although I am sure that the view from that home is amazing, this view is also amazing.  There is actually little difference, and this is just the beginning of the marvelous along the public foot path.

There is beauty when we share.


I climbed over these rocks for hours.  I saw few people, and I had a great time.


The smell and sound of the Atlantic Ocean cannot be replicated anywhere else.

For me – they are sanity, comfort, and healing.


And there is a whole lot of fun when we share.  I really am as close to the water as this photo suggests. Behind me is a beautiful home of someone who has chosen to share.

If by weird chance someone who owns a home along this footpath is reading this post, I thank you.  Though words will never express what a gift this is, I thank you.

As I think about how impactful the “simple” act of sharing by these people was on me, I have to ask myself what I should share with others.  I doubt that I will ever have a view such as this to share with others, but – as I learned – I do have.

And what I have, I should share.

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