Salt Water Taffy–Yum!

I love one flavor of salt water taffy: peppermint.

I tolerate another: vanilla.

I believe that all other salt water taffy has been created equally: nasty.


While on my personal vacation in Rockport, MA, I happened upon Tuck’s Candies (where they make their own salt water taffy) and thought that I should check out my salt water taffy beliefs to ensure that they still held true.

They do, but I must say that Tuck’s has some of the finest peppermint salt water taffy that I have ever tasted (and that is saying a lot!!).  Yum and thank you, Tuck’s!

I also was thrilled to see that they have a window view of their salt water taffy making process.  I think that more candy shops should do this as we all want to know how they make the candy.


I realize that the photo is a bit flawed, but you get the point!

Would I buy their salt water taffy again?  Indeed – and I did go back for round two.

In case you are wondering, they do have an online store and will ship just about anywhere.  Click here to get to their website.

Happy taffy-ing!


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2 responses to “Salt Water Taffy–Yum!

  1. Thanks for the memory, I used to visit Tuck’s as a child. I must say I like all flavors of taffy, maybe a little too much….


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