On my recent trip to the east coast, I had some time to myself for rest and refreshment.  One of the things that I did each day was walk a mile or two in one direction until I found something interesting.  In preparation for the trip, I had looked at a few maps to see what would be within walking distance.

Interrupting myself: I think that I can safely say that traveling without a car was good for me on this trip.  I had to rely on others for transportation on some parts of the trip, and I had to get in some exercise on other parts.  This is the first time since we lived in Edinburgh that I traveled this way to this extent, and I really enjoyed both the freedom and the limitations of the experience.  And many thanks to those who lent me their wheels.

IMG-20120718-00645The Lobster Pool, located on Folly Cove in Rockport, MA, proved to be an excellent find both in taste and in location.  Within walking distance (just over a mile) from where I stayed, this restaurant welcomed me with open arms.  Between the views and the menu, this restaurant delivered a huge bang for my buck.  It’s a seafood place, so that is what you will find on the menu!  I think that they may harvest their own lobsters as there were lobster buoys in the cove.  I have no confirmation of that, so no one should use me as a source for a Wikipedia source.

When I arrived, I was not terribly hungry.  That did no matter, though, because there is plenty of seating outside (including an adirondak [?] chair of which I do not have a photo because I sat in it as I took photos).


I sat outside for a good hour and a half taking in the sights and sounds of the cove.


They apparently encourage guests to play these instruments.  Unfortunately, no one did while I was there.  I know of a few people who would have found this super fun!

You cannot go to a place with “lobster” in its name without eating lobster (at least I can’t!).


Pictured above is my dinner.  Do not worry – he (or she???) is not alive in this picture. In fact, below the rock is the serving dish from which I removed the lobster in order to take this picture. The lobster was actually steaming hot!

I made quite a few other customers laugh as I positioned, re-positioned, and still re-positioned the lobster into the perfect pose for this picture.  One of them even offered to take my picture with the lobster!  I declined and explained that the picture was for my blog; therefore, I do not need to be in the picture.

Would I go back to The Lobster Pool?  In a heartbeat.

Would I order lobster again?  Sure – but I might also want to try their shrimp (my favorite!).

What would I try next time?  Their onion rings!  They only come in one size for $6.95, and that seemed like a lot for one person.  This is the (one) down-side of spending part of your vacation alone: no one with whom to share an order of onion rings.

Do you like lobster?  If not, what about it makes you dislike it?  If yes, where have you had the best lobster?  I am of the opinion that the only way to eat lobster is recently caught, near the place it was caught, and with alive-to-dead and on my plate time within minutes.


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6 responses to “Lobsta!

  1. I haven’t had lobster for over 20 years… but your blog made me want to travel to MA and have some. Kyle would have loved the instruments – especially the banjo. Sounds like a great trip.


  2. throwingspoons

    Listen, next time I’ll join you for lobstah and onion rings!

    You must have walked past Halibut Point State Park, where Chuck and I went on our first date; it’s right next to the Lobster Pool. If you’d kept walking for another mile, you’d have reached my uncle’s house in the Lane’s Cove section of Gloucester!


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