Well Done, Mayor Menino!

I want to be a public official someday so that all of the mistakes I make can be swept under the rug by saying, “I make mistakes all the time.  That’s a Bender-ism.”  In fact, why wait until I am a public official?  I think I will just start using that line now…

I make mistakes all the time. That’s a Bender-ism.

In all seriousness, I have to say that I am impressed with Mayor Menino for making it known (see article from the Boston Herald) that he is allowed his opinion while also backing away from his earlier threat to actively interfere with Chick-fil-a’s attempt to open a restaurant in Boston.  I am glad that he has made it known that, regardless of his disagreement with the CEO’s stance about a political issue, he cannot interfere with the commerce side of city government.

The downside of this whole thing could be that other public officials (Chicago) may not back down so quickly even though the ladies of The View (according to The Huffington Post) have opposed this.

I am so thrilled that Whoopi Goldberg agrees with me!

Now for an apology of sorts from this author…

In yesterday’s post, I wandered a bit from my main point of opposing Mayor Menino’s misuse of his office to keep Chick-fil-a out of Boston (thankfully, a reader pointed this out to me!) by introducing the concept of boycotting restaurants, institutions, or other businesses with whom we disagree.  I want to clarify something about that and then pretty much move away from this in the next few days’ posts (back to food from Massachusetts’ North Shore).

If someone wants to avoid (boycott) a business or institution because of disagreeing with a way that the owners believe, a product that is produced, or its policies, that is definitely that person’s right to do so regardless of whether the boycott has any financial impact.  As one reader (friend) pointed out, she refuses to eat at Chick-fil-a because she, as she wrote: “I feel so passionately about the statement he made that I need to find a tangible way to voice my opposition to it.”

Not only is that her right, but it is also a way that she feels she can make a difference.

The blog post yesterday should have left the boycott business out entirely and should have focused only on my objection to Mayor Menino’s “mistake” for which he has now recanted.  I need to work on how I write these controversial posts.  My conversational tone works well when talking about mourning, mental illness, and food.  It does not work well when I am trying to make a point.

For that, I apologize. 

I want to be clear and not misunderstood; therefore, I will work on getting rid of the muddy waters in “issue” posts and focus more clearly on what I am trying to say.  Thank you so much to the readers who took time out of their day yesterday to call me out, to disagree with me, to state better reasons for the same stand that I have, and – most of all –  to read the posts in the first place.

I am humbled and amazed that anyone reads this blog.

Happy Friday to you all!

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