Summer With Seuss!

Few of us have escaped childhood without enjoying the writings of Theodor Geisel (aka Dr Seuss).  From the first publication of And To Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street in 1937 until today with over 40 books to choose from, a hearty dose of Dr Seuss seems standard fare in parenting.  Films have added to our consumption of Seuss.

And now, since its Broadway debut in 2000, we have a musical which combines nearly 20 of the most popular books in an entertaining and touching storyline bringing together characters who before have never met. This production quickly became a favorite for high schools, middle schools (with a Seussical Jr eliminating some scenes to make it more accessible for younger actors), and community theaters.

My children have the exciting opportunity to be part of Fridley Community Theatre’s production of Seussical this summer, and they are having a great time both on and off the stage.

601342_405091332869928_2043108735_nCreated in cooperation with the programming of the Fridley Community Education, the community theater was established in 2010 when it put on Music Man as its first musical.  Last year, they produced the highly successful Anything Goes.  The hope is that community musical theatre will continue in Fridley as a way to bring together performers of all ages to produce quality shows.  More information about the organization and for future information about auditions and shows for future summers (when posted) can be found at their website:

With a cast of over 40 and with many generations and age groups represented, this production promises to entertain.  More than that, though, the community that surrounds this production – on the stage and behind it – is amazing.  Musical theatre has a way of bringing together people from many ages, stages, and walks of life.  They come together around an exciting product, and these people will produce!  From costumes to props, acting to set creation (and don’t forget about the orchestra, techies, marketers, and ticket peeps!) – those involved give of them time and talents to create and amazing production.

And to think that it happens right here in Fridley, MN….

ps: Tickets go on sale today!

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