Water Only July 2012

Do not worry – this is not a post that advocates for anyone to stop eating!  That is not healthy, and this post is about the exact opposite of that…it is about being healthy.

As most people know, sugar is the cause of oodles of health problems.  The more that we take in of sugar, the more weight we gain and so on.  I will not document all of the health issues related to sugar as many – more qualified – people have done so.

As most people know, caffeine is not a great idea either.  See the paragraph above for my thoughts about why I will not detail this concept either.

The long and short of all of this is that caffeine and sugar are my main-stays more often than not in the 12 oz version of Coca-Cola – aka “the elixir of joy.”  And more often than not, I consume this beverage more often than I should.

In an effort to (once again) reduce and/or stop the consumption of this beverage and concentrate on better health, I am putting out the challenge far and wide to Facebook and blog friends to join me in Water Only July.


The main point for many who have joined me is to eliminate consumed calories in the form of a beverage.  Many others are on the anti-caffeine bandwagon as well.  There are no rules really except that you make rules that you feel would work for you, that challenge you, and that move you a step closer to a healthier you.  Whatever that means (for some – that means coffee but no cream and sugar) is what you should do.

Who is in?

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