My Tower of Power

On the first day of summer for my kiddos, they had a little get together with their friends which required that they drive me to work, go have their fun, and then return to my office to pick me up. This will likely be a routine that we visit often this summer as the girl having her license means that she wants to have a car some days.  And that requires some creative scheduling.  I do not plan to walk to work as I did to the dentist’s office last week.

In my office, there are some fun blocks with fun phrases on them. This was a gift from a former co-worker, and they are now fond friends who share my office. They will likely join me should I ever change locations again.  Although they are a fond memory of the gifter, it truly is the gift itself that I love in this instance.

Side note: I am not terribly sentimental.  I am known for my habit of throwing away items with sentimental ties.  This is why I must make a distinction about the why I keep the blocks.

Enough babbling…here are the blocks…..


By geometric definition, each block has six sides which means that these four blocks host 24 different phrases.  They are in the same strain as the demotivational posters that one would find on  Being an educator has meant that I have been tormented by motivational posters and sayings for most of my professional life.

The problem is that I am not motivated by them!

In fact, I have been known to turn green and nearly vomit in staff meetings which start with some motivational sayings.  I am much more fond of demotivational poster/sayings because I think that they are much more honest.

The four pictured above are the result of a forced-choice exercise run by my son while I was trying to pack up my stuff and leave the office. The idea is that I could not like all six of the sayings on one block, so he asked me which I liked better in order to narrow down from 24 phrases to four phrases.

He created my Tower of Power…

In case reading them on the photo is difficult, I will type them out below.

  • Teamwork: A lot of people doing things my way.

  • I am open to suggestions just not taking them.

  • Those thinking it’s impossibleshould not interrupt those doing it.

  • If you don’t like my attitude, quit talking to me.

I have to admit that some of these make me cringe especially because the question that the boy posed to me was, “Which of these two phrases best describe you?”  Some of them are down-right incriminating about my haughty and arrogant spirit which tends to crop up more in the work setting than anywhere else.  And I will likely have to spend some time on my knees confessing about this attitude issue that I have.

The one that I am not ashamed to have on this list is the third one: Those thinking it’s impossible should not interrupt those doing it.

Very little is impossible if we choose to put our everything into making it happen.  Of course, there are some obvious things that can’t happen no matter how much we try such as humans flying without the assistance of aerodynamically designed flying suits or contraptions.  But, for the most part, what holds us back from making the impossible happen is our own doubt (or the doubts of others), funding, and time.  All of these items can be overcome with a little help from others.

From Steve Jobs to the International Justice Mission organization and everything in between, there are examples of the people making the impossible happen.  I am writing this post on a machine that would have been an impossible dream 100 years ago.  You are reading this post through the internet – something considered impossible.

We need a few more dreamers, many more do-ers, and far fewer interrupters.  Our world would be so much better if we stopped interrupting those who are dream up great things and instead got on board with them and helped them to achieve great things.

The question that I have to pose to myself today is this: am I a do-er or an interrupter?

Do I dream things and then strive to make them happen?

Or am I busy interrupting those who are working hard to make their great happen?

Two notes as I end today:

  1. Today, I have the exciting opportunity to be at the Search Institute’s training titled “Building Developmental Assets in School Communities.”  I am so excitedto be at this training and to be learning more about a concept for which I have a ton of respect.  Stay tuned!
  2. On Sunday, our family will see Man of La Mancha at the Festival Theatre in St Croix falls.  I cannot wait to laugh, cry, and be inspired by Don Quixote once more.  I have been listening to the soundtrack in my car for the past few weeks.  You can be guaranteed that a blog will follow.

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  1. Have fun at the theater in St. Croix Falls – I grew in SCF and went to movies in that very theater. FYI – there is road construction going across the bridge into Taylors Falls, not a big deal going there but you might want to head home on the Wisconsin side (crossing the river at Osceola).


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