You Can Do It!

Last week, I wrote a post about my adventures in the downtown Minneapolis skyways.  While poking around and learning about the fun trapped inside the downtown buildings, I happened upon an empty space whose sign caught my eye.

Side track moment: I sometimes wonder if my blog should be titled,”Caught My Eye,” because of the number of times that I reference that thought.  I have given the possible change a bit of thought, and I have decided that “caught my eye” often leads to my mind mulling through the thoughts (mind-race…) that follow the catching of my eye…thus, the two remain connected, so the original blog title will remain.  You have to admit, though, that new title would rock as well.

Now that we have solved that…here is the photo of the empty space.

Can you guess what caught my eye in this picture?


You are correct if you said, “Start something.  You can do it.”

I realize that the owners of the building would love to have rental income and that it is that fact which motivates them to find a tenant.  However, their marketing strategy to find that tenant is quite fun.  They could have put a sign up that said, “For Rent” and left it at that.  Instead, they have chosen to plant a seed in each person who passes the empty store front.

“For Rent” is specific to a group of people who are looking to rent a storefront. It assumes that someone already has a business idea and simply needs somewhere to make that idea come to fruition.

“Start something” is entirely different!  It assumes that you have not even thought about starting a business yet.  It plants that seed that you should start something, that your ideas are worth pursuing, and that this store front is where those ideas can come to life.

But they do not stop there!

People tell me all the time to do certain things, but I have some pretty big doubts about whether or not I can make those things happen.  The marketers for this space have anticipated people like me.  They know that I have no way to know if my idea for that space will work out. They know that I would only want to pursue starting something if I knew that I could do it, so they tell me exactly what I want to hear.

“You can do it” is exactly what I would need to hear in this situation.  I would need someone to encourage me to pursue something great and start something in that space.

I realize that marketers are pretty smart and that they know what to say to get people interested in whatever the product is.  They do not know me personally, but they know how most of us tick – that is their job – and what we need to hear in particular instances.  It is their job to study human behavior and then to use that information to manipulate us into purchasing whatever product they are selling.

I wonder sometimes if we know as much about how to encourage our family and friends as the marketers do.  I wonder if we could read our family and friends as well as the marketers do.  I wonder if we could anticipate what fears we need to help dispel, what encouraging words they need, and what help we could provide for them.

At least this rental space is giving them the where…would we know the how, the who, the why, the what, and the when?

Do I need encouragement to dream today?

Is there someone in my life who has a dream and who needs encouragement?

Start something….You can do it.

Additional note: I am so excited about my day today!  I am attending a training hosted by the Search Institute called Sparks which encourages school, family, and community members to help youth to identify their “spark” – the thing that makes them tick, who they are in their core, and something that can get them through times of adversity.  Look for future posts about this training!

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