A Passion for Panties!

A few weeks ago, I saw a page-share on Facebook from a friend with the picture below.  It caught my eye, so I clicked through to check it out.  Once there, I found an incredible story of a young person with an incredible passion for women of the world to have the dignity of owning underwear.  I asked my FB friend to connect me with her so that I could share her story, and today is the day.

In the information that follows today, you will meet Anna whose story is amazing.  All photos shared on this post are her originals and are shared with her permission.  It is my hope that all of my readers would be moved to help her in some way through giving or through prayer.

Anna, who also goes by Rosie, is a busy girl.  When I contacted her, she was on her way out the door to the Minnesota Girls’ State where they had no phone or internet access.  Upon her return, she graciously answered my questions.


Tell me about “Anna’s Skivvy Drive…what is it…
Anna’s Skivvy Drive is a collection drive to benefit the beautiful women of San Jeronimo, Honduras, and the surrounding area.

How did this plan come to be?
The past two summers, I have gone to Honduras for missions trips. I have been a member of the clinic team. Distributing anti-parasite meds and running the pharmacy. This past summer, one of the ladies we worked with told us that there was a huge need for underwear.

Why underwear?
A pair of underwear can cost up to two dollars in Honduras. Which isn’t a lot for us, but that could pay for most of a meal down there. When faced with the choice between a meal and underwear, food triumphs. The women have been deprived of the simple dignity and piece of clothing of underwear. It is my mission to change that!

Why the women of Honduras? Where did that passion come from?
When I came back from Honduras after my first trip, in the summer of 2010, I left my heart there. The openness, happiness, and generosity of the Honduran people touched my heart. I had fallen in love! I firmly believe that God has called me to long-term missions, and Honduras is my way of beginning that passion. I have a passion for healing and bringing God’s Love to new places.

When do you leave for Honduras?
I leave for Honduras from Minneapolis on July 18. Super duper early in the morning!

You mentioned that this is also a senior project for school – tell me more….
I attend Spectrum High School in Elk River, Minnesota. It is a charter school focusing on technology and community interaction, outreach, and service. In order to graduate every senior must think of, plan, and successfully execute a project reaching to the community. I had thought of several different ideas in the planning stage of my project but I always came back to this one because it was where my passion was. After I complete the project, I will also have to write an eight page paper pertaining in some way to my project and present the project to a board of judges. If I pass all three portions of the project, I will be able to graduate!

Details – when do you leave for your trip?  When do you need the undies by?  Where is the best place to have them mailed and to whom?

I leave on July 18, 2012. I will get back on July 25. I need the undies by July 10. The skivvies can either be dropped off at my church(NorthRidge Fellowship), or mailed to my dad’s office. The address for his office is 26515 Tucker Road, Rogers, MN 55374. The sizes I need are small, medium, and large women’s girl’s and women’s underwear. Just put my name on any mailed packages, even though they are going to my dad’s office!

Anything else you would like to share…I want to thank all those who are donating right now. I am so very blessed to have wonderful people like you to help me in my ministry!  I will bring back many pictures and stories and I am excited to share them with you! In addition to the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/AnnasSkivvyDrive), I do have a blog that I write on. This blog has been the place where my supporters can check up on me for the past three years now. Here is the link for that too! http://rosie-honduras.blogspot.com/


What is your goal?

Previous to today (June 17), my goal was 200 pairs of underwear.  I counted today, and I have 395 pairs!

New goal?

My new goal 500 pairs.

Author’s note: I am amazed by this young woman’s passion, and I would love for her to reach her goal and go far beyond it.  What an incredible vision!

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