Brunch in the Airport

I am currently en route from MSP to Traverse City, Michigan. Who knows the three letters for that airport?!?!?!  If you know it (without using your Internet resources!), leave a comment!  The first to get it right will get a fabulous prize.  Ok – I am not really giving away a prize, but you will have bragging rights!  It is not even listed on my boarding pass, so I will have to look it up online in order to confirm.

My connecting flight is in ORD, and I am currently composing this in the Chili’s Too between terminals G and H.  My flight leaves in 90 minutes.  I arrived here during the breakfast only time, but I talked my way into having a seat until they start serving the “real” menu at 10 a.m.  If by weird chance some exec from Chili’s is reading this blog, you should promote Rosemarie who is an excellent hostess in the Chicago airport location.  She provided me with some of the best customer service I have ever had in an airport restaurant.  She greeted me with a huge smile, warned me of the breakfast only menu, and then was super flexible with me as I worked through my decision.


Once I sat down at my table with a glass of water, I realized that I do like one of their menu items.  Who can guess what that might be?



While I am sure that the food at my rather extravagant conference will be better than airport Chili’s bacon (and then some queso and chips for part II), I sincerely doubt that the employees could match Ms Rosie.  I wish that I could know her in “real life” as she would be a joy to know.

Happy Sunday!

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