Google Doodle Contests!

Working at an online school means that I spend a ton of time online and that I use online resources for almost every part of my being. From directions to addresses to the school’s course management, “www” is the main-stay of my day.  Both of my cell phones even have data plans so that I can www away at the mall, the park, and grocery store. is my favorite part of the www world with its gmail, maps, and incredibly fast and good search engine.  And I think I might be in love with the daily doodles!


The other day a Facebook friend shared the photo above.  This is the ND state winner in the high school division who has moved on to the Google Doodle national finals.  She attends my alma mater, and I think it would rock if she would win.

Vote for her by clicking here!

Voting ends May 10.

Because I live in Minnesota, I felt obligated to check out the Minnesota state winner in the same division before I voted for that Grand Forks girl.


Not bad at all!  But, my vote has to go to the ballet slippers…

If you prefer to vote for the Minnesota finalist, click here.

I have to say that one of the things that I love about Google is that way that it has encourage artwork with its daily doodle.  I also love that they have a contest for artwork that reaches down to the kindergarten age group.  It is so cool to go through the ages and see the artistic talent refined.

I love the arts – theatre, music, art – and I think it is tragic that they are on the chopping block when budgets need to be cut. That is one reason why I am on the planning committee for an event called StarGazers, a fundraiser which supports the arts in the Fridley School District, held on May 19.  The Italian bistro-style dinner starts at 5:30 p.m. at the Fridley Middle School with a variety show at 7:30 p.m. in the Fridley Auditorium.  Click here to see more information and to purchase tickets.

Happy Friday, all!

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