Guest Post: A Poem by the Boy

If this does not make you think, maybe you should read it again…and again…and again.

Peaceful Murder

by Josiah Bender

She used to live in happiness,

‘Til all she knew was torn away.

For her family was poor,

And needed the money offered.

She was five, had barely lived,

Before she was forced to die.

Inside the room,

The dark, dark room,

She would lie upon the bed.

Until, one at a time,

Men came would take her life again,

Would take the rose that she once was,

And choke it ‘til it died.

Naked, exposed, unable to fight,

She would lie upon the bed.

And every sound was like a beast,

And every noise was like a fiend,

And everything was like a Reaper,

Which came to carry out,

As it always did,

The peaceful murder.

And she forgot her life,

That she had known,

Before she had died.

And soon she came to think,

That she had always been in the room.

That she was bread in captivity,

For the hungry men that came to take her life.

The darkness used to frighten her,

But then it became her friend.

They would play games together,

And talk of things that never had truly been.

And the darkness began to whisper,

Wise and wonderful words.

That she could be free,

That she could escape,

That she could know life.

And when a man,

One of many,

Came to kill her again,

She grabbed his throat,

And hugged him tight,

Until she could hug him no more.

And then it was him who lay,

Helpless upon the bed,

And she ran and ran,

Until she thought she was safe,

And she turned to laugh with her friend,

The darkness,

But the darkness was not there.

All that was there was a man,

A man who used to take her life.

And he had come to do it again,

If only once more.

She used to be happy,

She used to be safe,

She used to have all she might want.

Until the day that was taken from her,

Until the day she died.

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One response to “Guest Post: A Poem by the Boy

  1. Dia

    Very powerful poem. Thanks for letting me read this.


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