Taming Mount Laundry

My brain is tired. 

I have a lot of things going through my mind right now: things that are going on in our lives, loved ones in the hospital, the schedules to keep, bills to pay, and people to see.  And, of course, there are also the many blog posts I would like to write in response to unthinking bloggers who write posts about The Hunger Games without finishing the movie or reading the books.  On top of that, there are parenting blogs to write, and so many more…

And I cannot get to those posts because I had to take a minute (actually – an entire day) to attend to those mundane things that require our attention and our time….like folding towels.

I could have named the mountain of laundry that had overtaken the laundry table in our laundry room.  First of all, stop and think about this: I have a laundry table in a laundry room.  Until moving into our current home, we had lived in two bedroom apartments that had the laundry machines in our kitchen.  I folded laundry in the living room, on my bed, or on the couch.  I now have a room with a table for this task!  And guess what?  When you have a room with a door that can be closed, things can hide in there…like a mountain of laundry!


I spent the better part of an hour taming the mountain into a neat stack of towels. It was so therapeutic.  The mountain of towels represented what has been a very hectic two months of speech season when the kids and I have passed every Saturday at a school – they as competitors and I as a judge.  It has been a great two months, but laundry – a task which can be done as needed but eventually caught up to me – had been neglected.  When we needed a new towel, we just went to Mount Laundry and grabbed it.  While this is a great coping skill, it is not the way that I like to lead my life.  I have a towel cupboard, and that is where the towels belong. 

Today was the day to tame the craze of the past two months and restore all to its normal state.  The table now is clear of towels and other items and can be used for folding clothes as they come out of the dryer rather than for storing them as they wait for me to do what needs to be done.

Mount Laundry, though not a problem in and of itself, represents how I can just let things go until they overwhelm me. I probably could have tamed the mountain a few weeks ago, but at that point I was simply too overwhelmed with the craze.  This is so backwards! In letting it go even longer, the mountain only grew as more towels found their way to the top of the mountain.  In taming the mountain today, I have cleared the slate and can start over.  I need to attend to the business when it presents itself rather than putting it off until tomorrow.

Earlier this week, a friend and I started “Water Only April” a bit early.  She stated on Facebook that she would like to drink only water for the month of April and wanted to know if anyone would join her.  I need to get some of my “drink calories” under control, so I was game; however, I asked if we could start the next day.  I knew that if I waited even another five days, I would not be dedicated to do so.  In the meantime, I would have schemed and cooked up many reason to avoid the mountain rather than to tame it.  And, believe me, this mountain is much harder to tame than Mount Laundry!

What motivates you to get things done today rather than putting them off until tomorrow?  How can we stay focused on tasks at hand rather than on constant distraction?

Do you have a Mount Laundry waiting for you to tame?  Good Luck!

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One response to “Taming Mount Laundry

  1. Water Girl

    Today we attacked our own”Mt. Laundry.” Two weeks of living out of baskets of clean clothes was enough. Unfortunately when we attacked the rest of the mess, I created a mountain of clothes to be washed. However, for those few minutes when my laundry room was clean, I felt peaceful!

    I have fought off multiple urges to drink coffee this week. I am thankful for your support in All-Water April. Already down 2 pounds, and if that isn’t motivating, I don’t know what is!

    Keep up the good work with the laundry and the water!


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