A Night of Drivel and Darling

IMG-20120329-00366Last night was opening night of Radio Daze, a play portraying the life and times of a 1940s radio show (aka “soap opera”) called Dreams and Delusions on the brink of becoming a television show.  In addition to the “drama” of that pressure, there is also a German spy in and a US federal agent in their midst.  As the script description says, “Overheard rumors, mixed-up scripts, and leaked ‘secret information’ combine with romance and laughter to make you stay tuned for a play that’s a salute to the glorious ‘daze’ of radio!”  Full of laughs, intrigue, and flirting, this comedy’s large cast of characters entertained me and about 100 others last night and will tonight and tomorrow as well.

Fridley High School’s drama team has pulled this off!

Of course, I have some major connections to this show.

IMG-20120329-00363The girl plays “Darla Drivel,” one of the writers on the show.  One of the funniest lines in the show is when the sponsor says, “It’s just a whole lot of Drivel.”  This is one of the many plays on words in the show in addition to fun figures of speech such as “letting the cat out of the bag.”  The girl’s husband – “Mr. Drivel” – and she have a friendship off-stage that allows them to portray this couple’s friendship well.  Many thanks to Michelle, friend and owner of Texture Salon (on our block!) who is doing the girl’s hair each night.  It is perfect!


The boy plays “Dash Darling,” an aging star with grey hair and a belly (yes, they had to add a pillow or something to the boy’s middle!) who also plays “ Dr. Jonathan Worthy” on the radios show.  Dr. Worthy is supposed to be young and “dashing.”  He and his love interest on radio “Linda Stern” played by “Connie Carol” played by a talented senior have some of the funniest interplays on stage.  And the boy wins the award for “best line of the show” with his dashing, booming voice as he says, “Everybody hide!”

If you need a laugh, the $9 admission fee for adults and $6 admission fee for students or seniors is well worth it.  And if you come to the show, you will get to see me in my usual spot – in the ticket box.  Parent involvement in their kids’ activities is important, but that is another post…off to my “real” job for the day!

Happy Friday!

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