The Piano Guys

Last week, I had one of those days that we all have.  It was productive enough, but there was not anything new or wonderful coming from this girl’s mind, fingers, or anything.  I did what I needed to do with work, I did laundry, I cleaned the kitchen, and…well…I watched YouTube videos of this awesome duo who play the piano and the cello in a way that is fun, innovative, and exciting.

I found The Piano Guys through the Facebook friend of a Facebook friend (who happens to have been a youth pastor in Bismarck, ND, when I was in high school…she is now a missionary in Japan). She had posted a link about their version of Coldplay’s Paradise that has an African twist – both in scenery and in language. Can we say cool? Yes…

Their arrangements are awesome, and I am pretty tempted to buy one of their CDs. The problem is that what makes them so awesome is their videos and their arrangements. The locations that they choose, the videography, and the musicians themselves make this performance so inspiring to me.

Believe me – my day last week completely changed when I spent a little time with these “guys.”  They completely turned the day around for me.


Do I have a favorite?  I do!  Can you guess from the picture above?

Take a listen.  Then share your favorites with me in the comment section!

Happy Thursday!

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