Water Balloon Magic


I have a love-hate relationship with water balloons.  Pretty much, I love to hate them.  I also love to make them and be the one throwing them.  I hate being the one who has them thrown at her, though.

Love.  Hate.  Water balloons.

Water balloons, though, are some of the most versatile objects known to humans.  They can be the center of just about any game imaginable.  A game that has become old to those playing it can be changed in an instant when the rules change to include water balloons. 

They are magic!

Schools love them (well, kids in school love them), camps love them (again, kids at camp love them), churches can put them to good use, and – I found, at least – that parents can turn a boring afternoon into a whole lot of fun with, you guessed it, water balloons.

When I saw these water balloon contractions at CVS the other night, my favorite water balloon story came to mind.

During the school year of 2001-2002, the huz, the boy (then 4 yrs old), the girl (then 5 yrs old), and I had the great pleasure of living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Upon his graduation from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in May 2001, the huz had been the recipient of a preaching scholarship that required us to live overseas while he studied preaching in a different setting.  We chose Scotland for many reasons, and we have never regretted doing so.

We lived in one of the two top flats at 33 Howe Street next door to AJ Stewart.  When people would come to visit us, they would pull on a nob at the street level that would pull on a bell connected by a wire. The bell would ring, we would look out our front windows to see if we knew the person before we would pull up on a lever that unlatched the door at the bottom of the stairs – three flights below.

One of the best moments that I remember is when some friends came to visit on a warm and sunny day.  When they rang the bell, the huz and the boy tossed water balloons down at them before we let them in.  It was great fun!

I know that this is kind of silly, but this is what I remembered when I saw the water balloons at CVS.  It was a good reminder of one of the best years of my life.

What fun stories do you have about water balloons?  What not-so-fun stories do you have about water balloons?  Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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