Yesterday was one of those days when good food was sort of necessary. The reason for this was primarily due to the fact that I have realized that I am “a back person,” and that made me a bit blue. On Saturday, I spent the day with the huz “manning” the judges’ lounge because the kids’ school hosted a speech meet.  When the team hosts, the team (or team families) have a special room just for the judges. In the hours that I put in that day, few minutes were spent sitting.  In fact, standing and moving was all that I did that day. At some point, I realized that my back was not doing well (previous injury – dunk tank).  Shortly after the meet was over, I could hardly walk, sit, or stand.

On Sunday, I struggled through the day hoping that change would come with another day and night of rest.  I awoke on Monday and accepted that change had not come.  I dropped the kids off at school and headed to TRIA – the best find in the Twin Cities.   TRIA is an orthopedic center and has an acute care walk in.  Ah – mazing!  I saw a doctor who told me that I need to learn to take care of this back of mine. He sent me to a physical therapist who gave me some exercises and a stern talking to about lifting (restricted to 10 lbs or less for the next 4-8 weeks).

standYesterday was day one of “healthy back living.”  This meant that I worked from home and used my standing station – the counter when entering our home.  It was truly a long day, but it was better than the long day that Monday had been with the trips to the doctor and the physical therapist and then the attempt to catch up on all that I had missed at work.  Still – yesterday was a day that needed something to end it well – like good comfort food.


And the huz obliged.  He made knoephla (the word means “button” in German), a Germans-from- Russia dish that we have adjusted to suit our own tastes.  Knoephla is a type of dumpling.  It is easy enough to make, really, and we used to make it ourselves until a certain hook-up with the Grand Forks Grocery company allowed us to buy it pre-made by the box (not a small box!).  Now we just scoop it into boiling water, then fry it up with a little (ok, a lot) of butter, some onions, and some garlic.  We add deer bologna to it, and can we just say de-lish?   Yes, we can!  The huz fries up a bit of sauerkraut to add to his helpings.  That is his prerogative, but not my choice at all.

If you want to make your own knoephla or find out how to make some knoephla soup, simply use Google.  There is a ton of information about knoephla and the people group from whom it comes out there on the web.

Enjoy!  And Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Joyce Woyke Regehr

    That is so fun! My mom and I were just talking about knoephla the other day. I have never had it anywhere except at potlucks in Turtle Lake, ND and I was telling her I need to learn how to make it because I was hungry for it. Now that I see your post I really think I need to make some!


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