Open Letter to Caribou Coffee

To: Caribou Coffee

From: Stacy Bender

Re: A mini size drink

The first thing you should know is that I am a huge fan. My entire family – even my two teenagers – are Caribou fans.  Whether a turtle mocha or a northern light something, the huz and the children are happy supporters of the ‘bou.  I do not typically drink coffee, but a zebra hot chocolate can really hit the spot when I need a treat.

The other thing you should know is that I am a fan of your employees, your coffee shops, and – the best – your corporate headquarters (which happens to be only a couple of miles form my house!!!).  I love that you are a Minnesota based company that allows us to support locally while thinking globally.

For these reasons, I respect you enough to give you a great idea rather than to your competitors.

The other day, I was at your Lexington/Blaine location off of I-35 at County Road 23.  I had a bag of pop chips and a glass of water while I passed some time between appointments.  While I was there, samples were served of the turtle mocha and northern light mocha.


The sample size of these drinks was the perfect size!  As someone who does not like coffee that much and as someone who wants to have just a taste of something great (turtle mocha sample size is a GREAT drink), I beg you to consider offering this size as an option on your menu.  Have you seen the Dairy Queen mini sizes? Same idea!

I realize that the question you may have relates to price point.  Consider Dairy Queen again.  I am willing to pay more per ounce to have a smaller size.  Why?  Because I need to eat less but do not have the will power to simply eat less of a larger size and then save it for later.

I know that this sounds ridiculous, but I would willingly pay $2.50 for a sample size turtle mocha because it was the perfect size!  It was so good = three swallows of yum.

Do the market research.  Consider it.  Ask around.  And then let me know what you think.



ps: Our favorite location is the corporate office.  Krista is a great employee!

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One response to “Open Letter to Caribou Coffee

  1. Max

    Hmmm… Not to be the nay-sayer, but I think the issue would be how do get an 1/8 of a shot of espresso for a mini-drink? They would be throwing a lot of espresso away for each mini that was ordered. I suppose you could make it with pre-made espresso, but I would imagine that some would argue this would “compromise the integrity of the drink.” Like drinks can have integrity — whatever! Other than that I think it is a brilliant idea.


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