Blog Award–Versatile Blogging

Last week, a dear friend who blogs at nominated me for the Versatile blogger award. Thank you, Marilyn!!!  I was truly touched by her thoughts.  I have been quite remiss in not responding up to this point.

According to what her instructions were on her blog that day, “In response I am to nominate others and tell some things about myself.’”  I do so little of that in my blog!

1. I love being married.  I have the best huz in the world. If you think you do, you are wrong.

2. I love being a mom to the boy and the girl. They are fun people, and I love being a part of their growth into those people.

3.  I was born in the Philippines, but I am pretty pasty.

4.  I find faith to be a vital part of my life, and I hope that – even when I do not blatantly throw it out there in my blog posts – it undermines what I say and do.

5.  I’m sarcastic. Working in online schools has made in necessary from time to time to use purple as the color of my sarcastic comments as some co-workers have not always been able to tell if I am kidding or serious (see purple above.

6.  I struggle with the abortion issue not because I do not know where I stand but because I struggle with all of the loud hollering that goes along with it.  I would have to say that I am pro-life, but I am also deeply concerned with the women involved in these hard choices.

7. I work in education and have forever.

8. I love to read.

9. I have a bad Coke (the soda) habit. I gave it up for Lent and have broken the promise a couple of times. Back on the wagon I go, though.

10.  My favorite place that I have ever lived was Edinburgh, Scotland, and I long to return there someday.

In addition, I would like to nominate a blog for an award.  I am making up my own award for this one, though.  The award is the TUG award – as in “Wow, that really tugs at my heart strings.”

Drum roll, please.

The winner is Working Love, written by Jacqueline Kramlich.  Jackie – as we called her when we knew her back when she was little – and her husband – one of our former youth kids – live in Uganda.  Her blog is absolutely amazing.  Read the lines below from her most recent post.

But that’s the thing about love….it casts out fear.

For me, one of the best ways to overcome fear is to love even more.

Do I fear malaria?

Yes. But not as much as I love Uganda.

Amen, Sister!  Keep living; keep writing; and keep touching lives. May God bless you, Jackie. Smile


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3 responses to “Blog Award–Versatile Blogging

  1. The Girl

    I read you blog today.
    -The Girl


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