Wilde Roast Café–Minneapolis


Located right in my office building is a gem of a café where I love to eat. Unfortunately for them as a business and for me as a consumer, it is a tad pricey.  That did not stop me yesterday when the huz wanted to join me for lunch on his day off.  It was a bit cold out yesterday, so the idea of staying in the office building while still having lunch with him was a big draw for me.  I also really like their food – especially the sweet potato waffle fries which are served with a side of cinnamon spiced marshmallow fluff.  Other dip their fries into the fluff, but I eat the fries separately and then consume the fluff as my dessert.  A touch of heaven?  Definitely!

I have loved this café since first going there.  They had me at “Wilde”…especially with the floor to ceiling tapestry of author Oscar Wilde. I realize this is a bit odd, but our family loves Oscar Wilde writings.  The girl even used a portion of The Picture of Dorian Grey in her Interpretive Prose category during last year’s speech season.


The owners have decorated the entire café with Victorian era furniture and feel.  This is a fun mix with booths, high top tables, and other fixtures of modern cafes such as refrigerators.


Choosing from the extensive menu is truly the only hurdle in this outing.  I do require that my selection (or the huz’s if he is willing to share) includes the waffle fries with fluff.  Someday, I do want to venture out and try one of their pizzas.

The huz had the Zena Burger with waffle fries.  He asked for it to be medium, but it came out well. As he said, “When you pay $10 for a burger and ask for it to be medium, it should be medium.”  I do not know if he would order a burger again in the future.  They do chicken breasts with the same toppings as their burger – maybe that would be a better choice…unless you like well done burgers, I guess.  The coolest part of the burgers, in my opinion, is the circular, pretzel bun.  Ok – that is a yummy idea!


I had wanted to try the Famous Mac&Cheese for quite a while now, so I jumped in even though it seemed absolutely C-R-A-Z-Y to pay more than $10 for the dish.  Unfortunately for my budget, I really liked the dish.  A lot.  And I would definitely want to order it again.  I would not order it with the regular (non-sweet potato) fries even though they were interesting with a hint of garlic flavor that seems to have come from the oil in which they were cooked.  The odd thing is that the menu says it comes with a side salad, but the person who took my order said it would be an up-charge of $1.


Although the prices could stop many people at the door (desserts are even uber pricey), venturing in will prove to be a worthwhile investment.  I am so glad to share this yummy café with only 700 other employees of the office building.

So – come to visit me at work, and we can go have lunch here.


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2 responses to “Wilde Roast Café–Minneapolis

  1. Nice pic of my burger. The best part of the lunch… being with you! That makes even a burger-ordered-medium-that-came-out-well worth $10.
    The Huz


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