Yep – it arrived.  Up until now, we have not had more than a few inches, but 4-5 inches fell on Monday.  May are thankful; others are cursing.

What am I doing?


Blogging, of course!

I did choose to stay home on Tuesday and create my own snow day.  Thankfully, I can work from home when my daily schedule permits.  The rest of the week is filled with court appearances, so I will not be home for long!

I honestly have no real concern that the snow is here, but I am not thrilled either.  It is time-consuming for those who have to shovel, and it requires a bit more thought when driving.

What about you, readers?  Happy that it is here or annoyed?


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3 responses to “Minne-SNOW-ta

  1. Thanks for the picture of the snow – we are missing it. It is a good winter for us to be gone because we love the snow. Doesn’t look like you got too much though. Enjoy it for us!


  2. We unexpectedly woke up to a dusting here in RI..has melted on the streets but it covers the grass at my house! Just have to be careful when driving as it is still slippery. I feel bad the school kids haven’t had the most fun with snow this year but I am NOT missing the shoveling!


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