Eyebrow Raising Moments–Round Two

As I write this post, I am listening to the soundtrack of The American Idiot in preparation for seeing it on Tuesday evening.  Many thanks all readers who have read and commented on this blog.  Thanks to you, the Hennepin Theatre Trust has chosen me as one of their exclusive bloggers to share my thoughts from the opening night.  Thank you!

As promised on the earlier post about things that make my eyebrows raise, I share photos of some of my recently collected eyebrow raising observations.  What are eyebrow raisers?  Oh, you know, those things that – when you see them – you wonder WHY?!?!?!?!


How can anyone be passionate about food and grocery?  I know that is not exactly what the sign says, but that is how I read it the first time I saw it.  Therefore, I have to share it with you.  This does show you how important it is to read signs thoroughly for proper understanding.


Why did Peeps stop doing what they do best?  Stick to the chickens, Peeps, they were the original and the best.


1) Nothing is free.  There must be a catch.

2) I am breathing air, aren’t I?  Should I be expecting a bill?


This explains a lot.  They really are all about getting me to buy things that I do not need.  And here I thought that the stores really cared about me.  There goes that idea!

I hope you have enjoyed the second edition of my eyebrow raising moments.

Happy Sunday!

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