PS: I Was Right!

civilI know…two posts in a day might be a little pathetic, but I am so happy for the Civil Wars that I have to share how happy I am for them.  And, being Italian, I love being right.  When I am not right, I would not say that I was wrong – it’s just that I was not wrong.  Smile  And I was right.  So right!


I blogged about the Grammy Awards and my high hopes for the Civil Wars on Sunday.

Before the show on primetime had begun, the pre-telecast portion of the award ceremony had finished.  And they won!  In both categories!!!!

Once the primetime show began, I was so excited for their performance.  Needless to say, as a superfan, I was disappointed that the Grammys only gave them a 60 second cameo; however, as a person who understands that the music industry is full of politics and many competing values, I am actually just so grateful that they were even given that much time.

In his true sense of humor, JP commented before they played:  Uh…we’d like to thank all of our opening acts tonight.  Especially that very promising kid from Liverpool.

What fun!  Their little teaser from Barton Hollow apparently wet the appetite of the nation.  Their tweet this morning: Woke up to find Barton Hollow at #5 on the @iTunesMusic chart this morning. 

taylorswiftgrammys-300x196And then to wrap it up, Joy announced Taylor Swift’s sweeping performance of Mean. And what a super cute expression Ms Taylor had on her face when the crowd stood on their feet to truly honor her.  I guess someday she will be “singing at the Grammys,” and all those other haters will just be mean.  Smile


What a great night!

And tonight – The Jay Leno Show!!!

PS: I doubt that I will go out and buy an album from LL Cool J, but that man has gone up a notch in my book.  What class he showed to start off the show with a prayer for the family and friends of Whitney Houston.  Seriously – I may not like his lyrics, but I give him a big nod and even a thank you for being courageous and bold to take such liberties on live television.

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