And the Winner Is…

Tonight is the Grammy Award show, and I have a personal reason for watching.

I love the Civil Wars!

And they are up for two Grammy Awards!!  FYI: I have loved the “northern” half (was California part of the north?  I will have to check with my history teacher-friend) of the duo longer than the duo has been around for family reasons (read about it here).  I have blogged about this duo a lot over the past few months (click here, and here, and now here, and again here, and yet again here) because their music resonates with my soul.

Apparently, it resonates with a lot of other people’s souls as well.

civil warsHere is the thing about this duo: they love what they do, and they are so good to their fans.  When they did their first tour together in a van and staying wherever they could find a place to stay, they came through Minneapolis.  Even though their show was for 21+ in a bar in Minneapolis, we were able to get our kids down to see them before the show.  My kids are huge fans.  The boy has been working on the guitar stuff for “Barton Hollow” in his guitar lessons.  The girls shares the music with friends.  Well – as you can see by the picture to the left – they were gracious to the girl and allowed for a quick photo before the sound check of the show.

The cool thing is that this is not rare or because we are family.  This is what they do from city to city.  They do free shows in the independent music shops before their sold out performances and then sign CDs and have their photos taken.  They actively participate in their Facebook page and answer fan questions as their tour allows.  This is not just a duo that is out to make money on music.  They are doing what they love and sharing what they love to do with others.  Did  I mention that they made a stop at a high school in Kansas and participated in a recording class?  What musicians do that?  Apparently, they do.

Regardless of the outcome tonight, these people are winners.  The fans say so.  And I say so.  And anyone who has read my blog for long knows that I am always right….except sometimes…when I am wrong.

But this is not one of those times!

Cheers to the Civil Wars!

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